Overheard — 9 Comments

  1. It's the first time she has had first hand experience of the scam. 

    I'll pass on all the calls in future.

  2. My Uncle's Uncle got a call from someone pretending to be with the FBI.  They needed him to go to a certain website to validate his computer and to stop a potential virus.  He ended up with a virus and multiple worms.  I wouldn't even hook it up to my network until I did a full wipe and verified a clean install.  I tried to get him to convert over to Linux, but that was a no go.  He's a WWII veteran and about 90, but I told him he should still no better.  🙂

  3. Well played indeed. I like to ask them to hang on while I get my glasses – it takes a very long time.

  4. One thing I have to say about Herself – she does the Doddery Senile Old Dear act brilliantly.  Or maybe it's not acting?

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