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  1. Speaking personally awards and nominations mean bugger all to me but I can see they have some significance to the old feller in the arnchair… I cannot see Penny giving a flying fuck but one never knows with dogs, if Penny were a cat one could be certain… so I say well done that man. Let's hope the turd continues its rise and turns the badge gold.

    • What has me really excited is the thought that more than ten people have visited my wee site.  As for the gold – I ain't holding my breath!

  2. Nice!…Good Job Grandad!

    "shite always floats to the top?"

    Hmmmm…Isn't it cream that floats to the top?

    • If you drop a turd into your mug of coffee I think you'll find I'm right.

      Or maybe I'll try adding cream to my septic tank?

  3. Well done (again), sir! Goodness knows what would have happened if you had actually tried to win these things. Probably wouldn't have gotten shit. You're just a natural born award winner?

    I'm so proud.

      • Don't ask me, I don't read sites were the author tries to win awards. However, that doesn't mean I don't read award winning sites…which I do…obviously.

        There's a conflict of intelligence interest there somewhere but I'll be damned if I can figure it out.

        • "that doesn't mean I don't read award winning sites…which I do…obviously."

          Any chance you could point me in their direction so I can pick up some tips?

  4. "He reckoned I was losing readers because of my stance on certain issues."… Let me guess: the Warble Gloaming religion and all its sheeple followers and the loonies (or should that be Lonnies?) at Tobacco Control Central, like ASH.

    I once got an annual appraisal when I worked at a major American computer company which said (amongst other things) " does not tolerate fools gladly". It was supposed to be a mild rebuke from my manager who then gave me a hefty merit raise. I took it as a compliment, thanked him for noticing and promptly framed it and hung it above my desk… I get the feeling that had you also worked for HAL you would have got the same sort of comments.

    Ignore all the naysayers, keep up the good work, it's that you cut through all the bullshit and say what you think that keeps many people coming back to your Blog, whether they actually agree with what you're saying or not.


    • Just continue to please yourself GD, and blow tobacco smoke into the faces of all them judges and layers-down of blog standards who try muscling into your blog hobby. You are your own best judge. Herself in the background can serve up the occasional second opinion along with the bacon, cabbage and parsnips.

      • As I said before, Herself's opinions are a deathknell.  She unerringly picks out the worst pieces and laughs at them.  My real gems, she just mutters about how my standards are falling.

    • I actually got a brilliant email from my old friend Supershadow who gave me a right bollicking over my "incorrectness".  Apparently I am wrong about just about everything.  I must reply to it sometime

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