Going through the motions — 15 Comments

  1. I don't know why pandas aren't just left alone to die out. AFAIK they won't procreate on their own and all births recently have been as a result of artificial insemination. So, if the buggers are intent on committing mass suicide, let them.

  2. So if they know what microbes are doing this why aren't they replicating the damn microbes and making gasoline from corn stalks and grass clippings?

    • They seem to be under the impression that only Giant Pandas can produce these microbes.  Maybe the microbes are as hard to reproduce as Giant Pandas?

  3. I'd rather have scientists studying shit, instead of politicians and news people spreading it all over us. 

  4. ' Scientists at the University of Mississippi' What the fuck have these scientists been sniffing? Panda shit? I can just see it now, giant bamboo forests planted underneath the windmill farms with panda's mooching around trying to breed but as mentioned, can't be arsed. I really really need more beer………………..

  5. "You can fill ‘em full of alcohol and Rohypnol and play Mantovani at them all night but they still won’t shift"

    Effing hilarious!!!  I know a farmer or two that examine cow shit to check for digestion of the grains.  And, I have, admittedly, checked horse manure for worms.  Horse shit isn't that bad, though.  It's like mushy grass clippings.  🙂

  6. Heh, you were riding high indeed when you wrote this post. Absolutely hilarious! Whatever you were smoking when you wrote this, could you send me some?

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