How not to do business — 11 Comments

  1. So I searched Oxendales. Here's what came up.          "Plus size women's clothing online in Ireland."

    So then I scratched my head a bit and my second thought was "Who for?"   For GD or 'er indoors. I will probably never know.

  2. I've had a similar problem with certain websites. For example, I heard a little too late last night about a TV show on Channel 4 called Blackout. "No worries", says I. "I'll watch it on their website". Logged onto but before I could view anything I had to create an account with them and allow them access to my Facebook page. Forget about it.

    But to go back onto the subject; spam from websites such as these (and Amazon) are a complete pain in the hole. are notorious for this. Jesus; I mean, all I wanted was to book a flight for the missus and myself. And despite my best efforts I'm getting offers of flights everywhere every day.

    • There is a very simple answer to all those damn marketing mails – create a filter in your mailbax that dumps every mail containing the word "unsubscribe".  Works a treat for me.  😉

  3. As someone who uses internet for a lot of the day, there may be a bit of pot-keetle-black about this question so please take it as a comment from one who is sick of seeing his city fading and anything new being a British chain.

    Prior to doing your shopping online, do you consider offering the transaction to a local shop (even at the internet price)?

    • Hah!  I should have mentioned that.  Yes, I do indeed do as much shopping as possible in my local village, but being a village it tends to supply daily rather than weekly needs, if you know what I mean.  I buy all my meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, bread, papers, tobacco and the like locally as I am a firm believer in supporting my shops.  I get my weekly groceries on line but that's because there is crap parking at the supermarket [and I hate supermarkets] and everything else I buy on line is well outside the range of the locality.

  4. You were viral, and polite, with the nice young woman on the telephone GD. May we all give a sigh of relief that it didn't get physical?

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