Compound tax — 15 Comments

    • I didn't forget it, but wasn't sure whether to include it as there are some marginal benefits – it's handy to have the old banger checked from time to time [and that goes for the car too].

      On second thoughts, it's grossly overpriced so yup – I'm adding it to the list above.  🙂

  1. If this shit wasn't bad enough, just think what our betters do with all this tax…… Complete and utter useless greedy bastards, the lot of em.

    • Apart from spending it on themselves, their friends and relations, German bankers and the EU, you mean?

  2. USC tax, PRSI Tax, RSI tax, Quinn Insurance Bail out Levy tax, DIRT tax, Betting tax tax, Carbon taxes tax, Bank charges by effectively nationalised banks tax….  there's probably loads more !

  3. … and some executives get that money and joke singing "Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles…." …

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