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  1. Sorry GD, but you don't live in the real world.  Given absolute power to spend taxpayer's money, all politicians will simply spend, spend and spend.  Until of course, demands from the populace reach unacceptable levels.  Then, they simply "can not afford" to go any further.  Shoot the bloody lot of them and install real people a.s.a.p.  I need a lie down now….

    • Demands from me reached unacceptable levels some time ago and that is why I do my upmost to avoid and evade paying them a cent more than I have to.  I don't consider it's my civic duty to pay taxes – I consider it's my civic duty not to pay 'em.

  2. I live in Co Sligo,  no pothole filled and the local roads closed in by weeds, NO MONEY


    • But as you nurse your battered car down the potholed roads, aren't you glad that your suffering is contributing to nice Mr Kearns' little pension fund?  We can't have his starve now, can we?

  3. "Mr Kearns has provided long and dedicated service to the public sector.  His retirement package is no more nor no less than any public servant is entitled to under the rules"

    Translation, he has sucked huge a huge salary from the taxpayer for years for sitting on his fat arse, not good enough to work in the private sector so has to be helped along by his muckers. So depressing, we have it here in the UK as well. Piano wire and lamposts are needed…….

    • I provided a long and dedicated service too.  Where's my quarter million?  Where's my €68,000 a year? 

      I love the way they hide behind these fucking rules all the time.  Who makes up these rules, dare I ask?  Cunts. 

  4. My view has always been that if the wages of TDs, councilors and other "important" representatives were reduced to a more reasonable rate of, say, 50 to 60 grand a year, you'd find out VERY quickly who the real patriots are.

    But we all know that's never going to happen. After all, turkeys don't vote for christmas, do they?

    • Those salaries should be based firmly to the national average wage.  It would be a nice little incentive for them to make sure that wages were kept at a healthy level, particularly if increases [and decreases] were tied to inflation.

  5. When it was announced that Bertie Ahern was to have his salary increased to €300,000 in 2007, I heard a radio interview with him. In his usual slippery fashion Bertie simply stated that the "rate" was not up to him. It was set my a "remuneration board."


    So I went looking for information about this board to discover they were all political appointments and it was a part-time position with a full-time salary. So they each of them owed their good fortune to the very people on whose remuneration they were supposed to decide and best of all, they are accountable to no-one. What a wonderful set-up ! It is akin to having your own Mother deciding what salary you must receive.

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