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  1. I suspect that if you were successful in transplanting pubic hair to your beard, it would increase the likelihood of you being called Richard-head or some shortening of that name…..

    • The question is – would anyone notice the difference?

      [By the way, you qualified as Spam for some strange reason.  Been sending Nigerian emails again?]

      • All my emails come from the People's Republic via Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan

        Any allegation of dodginess and requests for bank accounts is vehemently denied – upon mature recollection

      • As a non-Wordpress user, please excuse my request for info/help/advice

        Comments to other WordPress websites are not displaying. One or two I might accept as not liking but I fear that the Blogger is not seeing the comments as they may be spam

        As a WordPress guru, any guidance would be welcome


  2. As another bearded genius, Billy Connolly, once said of it;

    "Imagine if it kept growing. It'd come out the bottom of your trousers if you weren't careful! Or you could put hairstyles on it; punks could spike it and hippies could let it grow really long and make pleats and ponytails with it – then you could call it Willy Nelson!"

  3. Ah, we learned about this in one of the forensic courses I took.  The professor turned an entertaining, yet disgusting at times subject, into a two week grueling ordeal on hair follicle structure.  Then, we went on to discuss animal hair!  Probably the most entertaining subject was learning how and when we get our fingerprints.  It's a great conversation starter.  I'm not so sure about pubic hair being a good conversation starter!  🙂

    • I got my fingerprints from the same place I got the rest of me.  Are they teaching you about the Birds and the Bees?

      • The Birds and the Bee's is a treacherous subject in the Bible belt.  The science world says that we get our fingerprints in the womb between 12 to 18 weeks.  This time period varies according to who you talk to or what book you read, but it's fairly close.  During this time period, our fingertips are like pliable little balloons.  When a fetus touches the inside of the womb, ridges build up on the fingertips that eventually leads to a one off pattern.   That's how we get our footprints, too.  🙂

    • "I'm not so sure about pubic hair being a good conversation starter!"

      That entirely depends on who you're conversing with and whose pubic hair it is. The location of the conversation also may play a part as well.

  4. These types of questions often lead to the type of answers that provide way too much information. Which reminds me…I need a trim.

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