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  1. i do believe that is the most fucked up thing i've read in months, the state does math like revenue canada does compounded daily interest on a dollar

  2. All they have o do is turn up at their nearest prison, they will take one look at them and send them straight home.Debt forgiven.!!


    • I'm afraid the debt is never forgiven. If they serve the time they are still liable for the debt. Upon their release they still owe the money and they can be imprisoned again and again until the debt is paid.


      I think the rationale is that they get prison time for not obeying court orders to pay up.



  3. This really is a perfect example of the sick degenerate society we live in.  The rich and the powerful can get away with murder while the ordinary Joe Soap will be hauled through the courts for the most trivial reasons.

    It really does make me want to head out with a Kalashnikov.

  4. "It really does make me want to head out with a Kalashnikov"

    Don't forget the dum dum rounds, GD. Fuck it, give me a call and I'll do it myself!

    And of course don't forget that "Five Chins" Rabitte is planning on getting round the their problem when people don't actually TVs by taxing any mobile device that can play TV shows. Is there no depth of thuggery that they won't go to?

    • Correction – the new "licence" is applied even if you don't have a TV, computer, mobile phone, radio or anything whatsoever.  If you have a roof over your head you have to pay the tax

      It's things like this that make me more determined than ever to fight the system at every turn and screw them at every possible opportunity.

      • that is messed up! why would anyone pay for something they don't have?? its making my head hurt

        • Very simple.

          a) the gubmint now reckons it has a database of every home in Ireland.

          b) the gubmint has granted itself the power to deduct any unpaid taxes from source [i.e. from salaries, pensions, social welfare etc.]

          Combine the two above and the gubmint can dream up any tax they like and no one can do anything about it.

      • … and screw them we shall someday – preferably up the rear cavity with a splintered old telegraph pole. Strange thoughts like these keep me going while waiting for the days of "Rope & Piano Wire" to arrive in Kildare Street.

        Here's hoping that common sense and human decency will prevail in relation to the Youngs and others in their position.

  5. 272 people sent to jail last year for non-payment of the TV license.

    How many Anglo-Irish Bank executives have gone to jail?

    • Zero?  Or less?  And of those Anglo gangsters, is there one who couldn't afford to pay the Young's licence ten thousand times over without even turning a hair?

  6. Haven't read anything so fucked up in ages.

    "In 2012, 272 people were jailed for non-payment of TV licence fines" FUCK!

    I have the same question as Ian. Never heard about one jailed banker here.

    • It really is piss-boiling stuff.

      Though the thought did occur to me that they may have just said that to try to scare the non payers into submission?  I can be quite cynical sometimes?

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