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  1. Perhaps Fatso should grab a dictionary and find out exactly what the definition of "donate" is.

    These are becoming very dangerous times for everyone (on the bottom of the social pyramid, that is). Makes me almost glad I don't have any kids. Fuck knows what they'd be subjected to after myself and the missus are gone.

    • While he has the dictionary out he might as well look up "democracy" and "accountability"?

      Indeed, the "ruling class" have totally lost the run of themselves.  They just see the population as items to be fleeced at every turn.  I do feel very sorry for the grandkids.  Hopefully there will be some kind of revolution before they grow much older!

  2. Dead right Old Horse.  I carried a donor card religiously from 1975 to 2007 but when they banned smoking in pubs I thought 'befuck the lot of you' and tore it up.  From then on, what's mine is mine, and I'll go under in one piece…

  3. Hilarious. Now they literally want to take our flesh and bones. Our money, our sanity and our souls clearly not enough!!!

  4. Is it not unbelievable that just one person can decide what is law and what isn't these days?  I used to have a certain disregard for the law but now I treat it with utter contempt along with all those who try to impose it on me.

    It really is time these fools are brought to account.

    • That's exactly what I thought.  I liked old JRJ though, whereas this arse is wanting a good hard kick in the fork…

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