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  1. I agree 100% with you. I could never understand the attraction of Facebook or Twitter or any other such site but I think the problem must be with the kids and not the sites. I'm quite sure playground bullying was/is probably a lot worse than someone anonymously calling you names on the internet but I don't recall hearing about any suicides as a result of it.

    • I had a look at Ask and it's a ghastly site full of LOLs and Awesomes.  It's basically twitter for kids.

      I must say I'm at a loss when it comes to kids killing themselves.  When I was that age I don't ever remember hearing about any suicides, and God knows there was enough bullying going on.  We just dismissed it as part of the order of things and put up with it.

  2. Totally agree, GD. You have to also take into account the amount of mollycoddling, overpraising and all round general arsewiping that today's parents engage in with their kids. They might think they're doing their best but in actual fact they're either turning them into a) horrible overbearing tyrants, or b) soft little shites who bawl like an ass from a paper cut.

    Speaking from a personal perspective, a little kick in the arse or a clip on the head never did me any harm growing up. And of course who do we blame for the demise of that?

    • Agreed. I went to a boarding school and got many a lash from the teachers over the years. Never did me any harm. Well, not as you'd notice!!!!

    • Spot on.  Kids these days are far too protected against the rough and tumble of life.  They need to get out there and get scraped knees and bruised egos.  The need to play in the dirt [literally and metaphorically] and generally have fun.

  3. Several years ago, Tim Benners-Lee did an interview about his wonderful new creation called the Internet. The Father of TCP/IP was specifically asked if he felt responsible for all the porn on the net. (God bless whoever is).


    But, Tim simply said the net is a carrier and its content is a reflection of the societies we live in. Driven by supply and demand with profits the motive. Society used the new medium as a mirror image of itself. The problem is not the messenger it's the  message.

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