Won’t pipe down — 27 Comments

  1. Jaysus but you've got bony knees!!!


    Enniskerry? I though you were in wild West Wicklow somewhere. Penny looks well.

    • I'm very attached to those knees.

      South Wicklow, where the scenery is.  Not that pushed about West Wicklow.

  2. You know GD that article just isn't you. It's shite. Sanitized to fuck. Who's she write for? Womans World 1950? "Richard enjoys the occasional glass of wine on special occasions blah blah blah"

  3. You look fine and dandy in the photo, GD although Penny looks a bit better (she strikes a pose, that girl does). The pipe looks a part of you as if removing it would be like removing your hand along with it.

    And my knees are just as bony don't you know.

    • The photographer brought the wrong size lens or something so I had to squish up so all of me would fit in.  Hence the knees.

      Penny, the pipe, the beard and I all come as a package.

  4. Journalists may interview you for hours but things get boiled down in the subediting, and the writer puts her own spin on things. Your candid comments on the Minister for Health couldn't be quoted in a family newspaper. Nice family picture though.

    • I think I'll just have to rely on this here site for the unedited versions?  If they had had the guts to print what I actually said, their readership probably would have gone through the roof!

  5. Nice beard, Grandad and Penny is awfully cute!  My father-in-law smoked a pipe until my mother-in-law made him quit…….He hasn't seemed happy since.

    • Herself once muttered about my quitting until I pointed out that it was very strong grounds for divorce.  She shut up since.  Maybe you should suggest that to Himself?

    • Jim Royle, my arse!

      It was a nice sunny day so he decided on the Back Step.  Who was I to argue?

      • Anything really is worth it I suppose if it means raising the blood pressure of our (not so) esteemed Minister for Ill health & Sickness. Well done, GD.

  6. Ah well GD it is the silly season after all. The papers need to be writing something to fill the pages. Penny looks like she need a pipe too.

    • Penny is a cigar buff.  She had just finished one when the photographer arrived.  He tried to get her to light another but she's a five-a-day girl.

    • A stark naked statue.  There's another at the side of the lake but the ivy keeps covering that one.

  7. Congrats on the article, Grandad.  At least they left in the bit about having good lungs.  I was amazed they left that in the article.  They have a bad habit of picking out what they want and throwing away the rest.  🙂

    • I got the impression that the reporter wasn't too keen on the Nanny State herself.  I don't know if she's a smoker but even non-smokers are taking notice now.

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