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  1. It's as though it's all designed to turn everyone into a victim. Nasty experience – you need counselling, have a bit of a cold – you need vaccinating, have an addiction – you need professional help. In this way nobody can live their lives and make decisions for themselves without paying for various, and frequently non-productive segments, of society to guide them.

    • You may have struck the proverbial iron spike on the cranium there.  Convince the sheeple that they can't exist without the guidance of Benevolent Big Brother.  Can't have people thinking for themselves now, can we?

      • And all this "gently gently" shite despite the fact that there's never been as much gratuitous violence on TV and the various media outlets.

    • They won't be happy until every man, woman and child is on at least ten tablets a day.

      Sure isn't there a tablet for everything these days?

  2. Didn't you know that every single human being born on this planet is a psychological wreck and is in desperate need of help and medication? If it wasn't for these meaningless dramas, soap operas and other such drivel, we'd all go around in a bliss of ignorance thinking that all is well and life is good. We should be grateful to those who strive to tell us our lives are actually horrid and that counseling and prohibitively expensive, mind altering drugs are the only solution.

    So,  be sure and contact your nearest asylum as soon as humanly possible. You don't know how bad off you really are.

    We now return you to our regularly scheduled mindless drivel.

    • Heh!  That's about the level of it all right.  Oh for the good old days before television invaded our lives and we were all anxiety free and content.  😉

  3. I blame the yanks for this carry on.. every swear word is bleeped out on the telly there, for fear it'd be too upsetting.   You can only get decent telly on HBO.
    They take PC to a whole new level..   I was up at the Cliffs of Moher recently and some yanks were taking photos of each other. The one taking the photos, kept shouting 'one, two, three' before each shot.. to which I mumbled 'jump'.. I didn't think they heard me.  They were all saying what a horrible person I was. lol 
    I don't think they do humour the same there.

    "The only emotion I suffered from was sheer boredom. I wonder if there’s a helpline for that"
    Eh, pornhub maybe GD..  


  4. It's training the people to rely on 'experts', and to not trust your own judgment. Collectivism and behavior control where everything is a crisis. Happiness and well-being are promoted as we are brought into planned austerity. Happy slaves with perfectly-managed minds.

    Just make the call. After all, they know what's best for us.


  5. On one of my rare nights out last night in a restaurant, I had occasion to produce my new E-Cigarette after the meal. The place in Kinsale was packed and beside and behind us there was a group of 26 American tourists. Obviously pissed on a single glass of beer, they shouted their heads off all the way through my meal.  Far from intolerantly calling the manager to tell them to tone it down to aircraft levels, I was happy to hear them enjoying themselves.


    Then a tip on the shoulder and a dickie-bow advises me that there's been a complaint about my blowing odorless water vapor around the place. So I asked him to convey my regards to the complainant and tell them from me that they could fuck off back to their own Country if they didn't like it. Coffee occurred in peace and quiet and I can only deduce that today, there will be calls from Hotels around South Cork seeking the services of a visiting shrink to soothe their addled nerves.

  6. i think you should call, come on it might be a bit of good fun, like then the "microsoft" people call you out of the always have fun with those, its all sport innit?

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