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  1. I signed up to Twatter about two years ago but I very quickly found it to be totally pointless and about as entertaining as Pat the Plank. Within about two days I deleted my account. The cunts still send me mail though, asking do I know this or that sad prick; or perhaps I might like to join a conversation with Johnny Mc No-Mates, whose currently clipping his toenails while watching re-runs of Bosco. I can just about live with Facebook, as it's kind of handy for keeping in touch with far flung family members.

    Hearing about a social media outlet like Twatter though really confirm my beliefs that humanity as a species is well past its sell by date and is currently heading for the evolutionary shitpan.

    • Usually the only time I go into Farcebook is when Herself wants to show me something.  I really get pissed off with all those fucking mails though.  I made the mistake a while ago of signing into Pinterest and now I gat loads of inane mails from them too.

      Twitter – the epitaph of the human race in 140 characters?

  2. The trick to twitter is to follow folks who have substantive things to say and do so on a regular basis.  I enjoy checking my twitter feed a few times a day.  I get varying opinions on news and politics that I might not get elsewhere.  I also follow a few investigative journalists who tweet news stories before they hit the radio or TV.  I like twitter.  I get alot of information from it.

  3. Excellent post GD.
    I suppose there has to be some limitations to what people can put out there though..

    I think twatter is for gobshites myself.. I hope they all report on each other.


    • The problem with limitations is who decides them, and who enforces them?  The standard laws of libel should be enough.  Name calling and puerile threats should just be ignored.

      "I hope they all report on each other"  I have a lovely warm feeling that that is exactly what's going to happen!

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