Taking the biscuit — 15 Comments

  1. Can't say I blame her. Have you tried eating those foul biscuits? I have. They are disgusting. I wouldn't feed them to a dog. Give the poor mutt a chocolate digestive instead.

    • "Have you tried eating those foul biscuits?"  They're not that bad, as I remember [I had a poor upbringing and had to grab food from wherever I could!].

      Isn't chocolate supposed to be very dangerous for dogs?  Or was that a deliberate attempt to get me to poison my mutt?  Bastard!

      • Personally I think the oul "Chocolate Poisons dogs" was started by Wimmin that didn't't like sharing their chocolate

    • She is as bouncy, cold-nosed, feisty and as lazy as ever.  The only thing wrong with her is that she is moulting like the clappers for the last two months and we are ankle deep in white hairs.

      • Addendum to the above: She has just found yet another fly and is wrecking what's left of the place, bouncing off the furniture and walls as she tries to catch it.

        Oh shit!  She caught it.  I feel sick.

        • Our late springer spaniel used to catch and eat wasps.  Horrible to watch.  She yelped it bit when she got stung, but never seemed to worry her that much.  Shivers!

          • My late Siamese cat used to do that too, never seemed to get stung though and she lived to 21.

  2. Rawhide sticks are the treat of choice for my two quadruped compatriots. They absolutely love them and it keeps them quiet for a lot longer than a doggie biscuit, AND they're a lot healthier for them.

    Ozzie was (and still is to a degree) a quiet enough chap who loves nothing more than to lounge on the back of the couch staring out the window at the world going by. Then about three months ago we got Daisie (another Jack Russell) who's a real hell raiser that thinks Ozzie's there for her entertainment to pull and drag at. Poor oul' Ozzie hasn't a minutes peace with her.

    But the intelligence of dogs in general never ceases to amaze me. It seems to me that they obviously know which press door in the kitchen is being opened, because it's only when I open the press containing the rawhide that they clamber out at top speed from the sitting room, whereupon giving me that "well; c'mon, hand 'em over" look.

    • Pig's ears are another little treat that our Sandy used to love [ever try walking into a shop and asking "Excuse me but do you have pig's ears?"].  The only treat our Penny would sell her soul for is goat's gouda cheese.  She get's damn little as she's overweight as it is!  Maybe I should get a Jack Russell to chase her around?

  3. GD, my dally used to be quite partial to flies, but his favorite was spiders, he would play with them like a cat, then eat them. Mind you some of them can't have tasted that nice, he would spit them out (esp the fat hairy ones) and  leave me to clean up the mess….gross.

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