I am alive — 8 Comments

  1. There must be a way to generate one of these bits of paper automatically, every year? Technology can do things like that now.

    You could then have your body frozen when you die, and when medical science finds a cure for whatever popped you off and you are thawed out, you will have enough money in your account to buy RTE and put a stop to this nonsense.

    See. That's a plan!

    • Photocopier?  All I have to do is run off a couple of hundred copies and change the dates?  A nice little legacy to leave future generations!

  2. That's fairly standard practice GD with private company pension schemes.

    Just get Herself to sign it p.p. An Garda Siochana. 

  3. Kind of what I go through every year with the Veterans Administration. They send me a form letter asking me to verify I'm still disabled. I always want to send the damn thing back with a note attached asking them if they're still stupid? But since I'd make a lousy homeless person plus the fact that my wife would be quite put out having to live on the streets, I dutifully fill the thing out stating yes, I'm still disabled (did you guys perhaps think I took a magic pill?).

    • In fairness now, you could have been to a faith healer, a juju doctor or even a trip to Lourdes?  Miracles do happen.  Or so I am told.  Not that I have ever seen one.

      • On that note, perhaps I should go live in the woods for a month or so? Maybe I'll spy Jesus' face in a moss bed, tree fungus, mushroom? Or perhaps I can smoke the moss, toss the tree fungus over my shoulder and eat the mushroom. Then I'm sure to think I'm cured of all ills and maybe even revert back to my 20s–or I could die. Either way, I'm cured.

  4. I filled in my 'proof of existence' form a couple of weeks ago but my witness can be anyone who knows me and is not a family member so not a great problem. As it happened my builder was in so he did it, most of my pension seems to have gone on him anyway!

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