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  1. Unable to check this out at the moment as YouTube is not allowed in the office.


    Yah, boo, sucks.

    • Brush Sheils?  Brush fucking Sheils?  You have to be kidding me?  The only thing that fella is good for is giving berets a bad name.

      [*wanders off, scratching head in amazement that someone likes Brush Sheils apart from himself*]

      • "When people hear a Dubelin man usin big words, they automaticalley assume he is a trade union leader"

        Brush Shiels 1985

  2. I really enjoyed that piece from Thomas Sheridan Grandad. The one theme that ran throughout is that many, if not most of us, sense that something has gone terribly wrong in our Country. 


    I heard Eamon Gilmore just after the General Election saying that, "The people voted us, (Labour), in on our manifesto." Not two years later, he says, "Everybody understands that the manifesto has to change when you get into power." I sat at home stunned and then switched off the goggle-box. There it was in a nutshell. The lie is now the new truth, deceit is the common currency and money & power the new religion. It was so blatant that I thought, there's going to war about this. But there was hardly a whimper !


    They are all sociopaths and psychopaths who'll ride you until you flatten them with a punch. I've said it before, if you want the truth from our leaders, then write down the exact opposite to what they actually say and you'll have your truth.


    My contempt for the ruling classes has never been stronger. this is one I am going to think about awhile !

    • "My contempt for the ruling classes has never been stronger"  Amen! 

      Up until now I hoped that someone would have the guts to take to the streets, but Sheridan is right – that would be doomed to failure and would play right into their hand.  It would give them all the excuses they needed to implement more restrictive controls.  Just look at the total overreaction of the US with their "Homeland Security" shite.  Now the Mercans have to suffer everything from body-searches in airports through to their emails and texts being read.

      From now on I intend to follow my own laws and ignore the gubmint completely, except insofar as I absolutely have to.  They are lying thieving bastards to a man.  My mission is a simple one – to carry on spreading dissent as long as I can.

  3. I watched it from start to finish in one go GD and I thought of you and the Irish punters that frequent this god forsaken blog :-).

    It is a long listen/watch and like you I found the graphics to be a pain in the hole, so I just listened to it too. It is definitely worth listening to.

    • Many thanks again for that Pete.  The problem with listening only is that you miss some great quotes that appear throughout the film which are in text form only.  The trick is to watch during the silent bits!  My favourite was along the lines – "It makes no difference whether the glass is half full or half empty when you have paid for a full fucking glass".

      Godforsaken blog?  Never been called that before … 😐

  4. OK The guy is talking the best sense I have ever heard……brilliant !                     But…………

    the production of the video was crap…the video was tolerable but the audio…Oh my God !

    I had great difficulty in interpreting  it. The *background* noise was at the same strength as the speech,which was going up and down in volume all the time….Jesus.l

    The pub or cafe, where most of the action took place, must have been the noisiest place they could find.

       Ok OK I am old and the hearing might not be the best but come on!       I would love to see a transcript of this as I agree ,100 per cent ,with what I could make out of the views expressed by Thomas. I will have another go at it with a young interpreter at my side.

    Great stuff again Grandpa, keep it coming


  5. Watched it. I was glad to see Mr Sheridan as I have learnt and benefitted from his excellent work on psychopaths, since we are cursed with one at work. This video shows what happens when the psychopaths attempt to run a country, and how the harm to people’s sense of self is part of the modus operandi of these parasites. Thanks so much for posting this, and I would recommend that people look at Sheridan’s “Labyrinth of the psychopath” series. I live in Ulster btw, which has it’s own problems but nothing as bad as the destruction and robbery which is afflicting our friends down south.

  6. Thomas speaks a lot of common sense in this particular film… But I've been looking into his work since this film and jazus is he for real? I think he could have lost the plot, I mean how can someone talk so much sense and good spirited in the 81 minutes of this film yet from what I've now seen sound very much like a lunatic. I suppose actors never play the same parts in their different roles. Who knows? I'd recommend everybody to dig a little deeper into Thomas's work, some of it is very interesting. Love your blog Granpa 

    • I had a look around at some of his other stuff and I agree – there was some material there that warranted a tin-foil cap.  However I ran with the video simply because it makes so much sense.

      • Yeah the film is good, great advice too… Something to recommend to a friend sort of thing…. The film not the man. Thanks again Grandpa, you my friend always seem to see sense and cut the bull from the shit.

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