Lacking balls — 7 Comments

  1. i'm so tired of it all, men this woman that gender whatsit, who cares!  i too avoid twitterdum, and honestly i'm tired of so called facebook bullying. like twitter one can't be affected if they don't read it.

  2. Agreed cat. And anyway, why are they saying her campaign was successful? Perhaps the Bank of England were going to change. They have not indicated that she influenced their decision.

  3. Why not that English woman Lady Lavery, who bestowed discreet favours on Michael Collins among others? Jane Austen's novels are for the birds. The raciest boigraphy I read was My Life and Loves by that Casanovan fibber Frank Harris. A couple of his alleged conquests might liven up the British tenner. 

    • I would imagine that Lady Lavery has seen enough of bank notes?!

      As Herself pointed out – it's unlikely that Jane Austin earned so much as a tenner in her life!

      • She probably was never kissed by anyone except her mother during her uneventful lifetime.

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