Royal hoo ha — 24 Comments

  1. It's a boy.  I think they are going to name him either Butch or Azureroth.  What do you think?


  2. Part of me was hoping for a black kid to pop out. Now THAT would have been something for the media to crow about.

  3. Yes, but it is now, during the distraction, that Cameron decides to announce his intentions to censor & control the internet… Because if you think its just about pedo's youve missed the memo.

      • Oh yes, I did and very nice rambling it was too. However I stand by my comment as many of those who might have shown appropriate outrage at the Camerloon were to busy going wibble at the thought of another royal sprog  to notice.

        • Fair point.  At times like this where there is something distracting, check the news items thoroughly as this is when they try to sneak through the nasty stuff.

  4. I am glad the newsies are focusing on the royal birth, that way they are trying to incite a riot by their biased coverage of other world events. 

  5. funny the same people usually start moaning and bleating when another welfare baby is born

    • And this one is going to cost the state a thousand times more than a welfare baby?

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