The Scunthorpe Syndrome — 9 Comments

  1. Mrs. Cameron's little boy is a shifty bastard and that's the truth. He and other Tory Bigwigs are terrified that their potential exposure to organised kiddy-fiddling/cover-ups past and present will be revealed for all to see in the not too distant future. Local gubmint too – Labour has hardy covered itself in glory there … bloody apologists for Islamic paedohilia. We keep hearing rumours that 'any day now' the Met Police will be arresting a former Tory cabinet minister, but nothing seems to happen. Remind me again – who was Cleggie's EU boss all those years ago? And who was hired as "Exports Consultant" by Cameron in 2010? Perhaps this chap could tell us how things are progressing with the Met's Operation Fernbridge?


    • Frankly the only real difference between your lot and our lot is the accent.  They are all a crowd of self-serving, lying, noses-in-the trough bastards.  I saw a wise-crack here recently [during that fucking abortion debate] that if they were allowed abort defective foetuses here then we would run out of politicians fairly quickly. 

  2. Just a new version of the old Tory cry of 'won't somebody please think of the children'? Misdirection as usual. 

    • I was waiting to see how he would bring protecting the fucking children into it.  He managed towards the end where he started talking about ordinary porn.  As if the kids don't know how to get around any barriers!!

  3. Betting that your shower of shite try to ram this through next.

    TT. No, they have nothing better to do being as how all the government work and stuff is done in Brussels, leaving our shower of shite to do other stuff like designing duck islands, spending expenses, avoiding traffic convictions, getting pissed/stoned/shagged, and generally getting on with being all in it together.

  4. Holy Fucking, Fucking Fuck.

    Britain invokes the Bogeyman as an excuse to check your online activity, Pat Rabbitte thinks it might be a good idea.

    I know…Let's all agree, 'cos after all it IS child porn we're talking about here, nothing else. The sooner we can all agree that this level of snooping on our private affairs is absolutely sound and above board the sooner we've absolved the NSA of all wrong-doing and everything can get back to normal.

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