Canine Vindaloo — 12 Comments

  1. We get a lot of hummingbirds around here in the summer; before they fly off to old Mexico for their winter hols. Your post brought horrible vision to mind. "Crunch" you say ?

  2. Our friend/catsitter has solved the problem by making up frames to clip on the windows with a very fine mesh screen.  No insects in, no cats let out, but good ventilation.  Simples.

    • A good idea.  Unfortunately it wouldn't work here – the main source of ventilation/coolness/fly entry is through a large pair of double-doors out to the garden.  It would be difficult to mesh them, and ayway Penny would probably just crash through any screen!

  3. loardajezuz hope she never crunches into a wasp! living in a house of 3 fly hating cats, I no longer have anything breakable, it's been tossed in the bin years on

  4. You think you've got it bad?! Try having two jack russell terriers in the living room while you're trying to read or watch TV. They won't budge from that room after midday as it's the coolest in the house from then onwards. Come to think of it, I won't budge from it either; for the same reasons no less.

    • You have my sincerest sympathies.  Jack Russells are not my favourite breed [we had one for many years]. 

      Have you tried water divining with them?  Ours was great at that.  I used to pick her up by the chest, leaving her legs free.  I would then carry her held out in front of me.  If we passed over water at all, her little legs would start paddling away furiously.  Great for finding hidden pipes underground.

  5. Same problem here, I've got three dogs but thankfully only one of them is a fly-hunter!

    I have got fly-screens on every window but the little blighters get in anyway, as to wasps – isn't it a bit early for them?  They only arrive here late August/September and it's the hornets that worry me!

    • You could be right about the wasp season.  Fuck!  Now I have that to look forward to.

  6. How is she with horseflies? If she goes after those as well I'd like to borrow her for a day?

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