Dawn of a New Age — 14 Comments

    • Why do I have the feeling that this little snippet of news will be quietly buried so they can get on with their "carbon is killing the world" nonsense?

  1. Further proof of how many chancers research attracts. I heard David Bellamy put this very point forward in 2007 but it was not 'fashionable' them. He wasn't heard of in the meeja for a long time after that. Now some Johnny Come Lately needs to justify his application for funding so he rips off someone else's research.

    Richard Craniums, the lot of 'em.

  2. Same difference. It's why you have a computer and an automobile. They get it right. And they, in their thousands, are right about climate change. Even if you believe your "Red sky at night.." brand of climatology is superior. Seriously, you think there is a vast world wide conspiracy afoot? Involving govt's and universities. Don't be daft man.

    • Not the same difference at all.  A real scientist will test a theory by experimentation and if the theory is proved false it will be amended or scrapped.  Modern "scientists" set out to prove their theory is correct and if the experimentation fails they either ignore the data or modify the experiment so that it produces the required result.

      They started off with Global Warming and all their experiments proved they were right.  However actual events proved them wrong [as their mathematical models were wrong] so they renamed their cause "Climate Change" which conveniently covers just about anything and everything.  They started a global religion which spawned a multi-trillion dollar industry in carbon trading so they cannot back down now, no matter how often their "facts" are proved wrong.

      I notice the world in general is becoming very quiet on the subject of Climate Change.  Are they just keeping their heads down and hoping everyone will forget about it?  😉

  3. I don't know if there are any real scientists left, they have all been bought and paid for and to protect their grants they must obey and only speak out when retired. They should be ashamed of themselves. As my power bills have trebled in the last 10 years I don't how people manage any more. Don't know if it as bad in Ireland.

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