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  1. Agree 100% – was looking forward to The Apprentice last night (I know, I know) but they replaced it with a documentary about the moody, bad tempered, unsmiling Scottish brat.


    Sweet sufferin’ Mary with a Polo mint!

    Will yiz ever get a grip lads?

    It’s only a fucking game. 


    • I confess to a passing interest in the Apprentice – it's quite nice watching insufferable egos being deflated.

  2. I thought everyone would get their panties in a bunch over this train crash in Canadaland.  It did in fact burn 79 tanker cars of crude oil.  I thought all the Global Warmingists would be howling by now but no apparently some British guy winning a tennis game is more important.  79 tankers cars!  🙂

    • The train and plane crashes were huge news items [I would have thought].  It just goes to show how sad people's priorities have become. 

      • I was wondering who would be the wanker to mention that 'plane' is spelt 'plain' in the main piece.

        Nobody yet. Looks like you got away with it Grandad.

  3. Shur, they're still on about that thing they won once back in '66 GD.. We won't hear the end of this one for a long time yet.  Was never gone on tennis too much myself.. although played a girl once in a local championship who was on the Irish team and slaughtered her.  She was having a bad day.. aren't they always.     Loved squashed myself.. much faster.

  4. Murray was only the fifth Briton to be Wimbledon champion since Fred Perry. They must have been excited about the number '5'

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