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  1. wow, been a year already…. time sure does fly……. rest in peace sandy…. drink a toast of a good whisky to sandy (medicinal cheering up reasons of course) … then sit outside in the warmth, light up a smoke and remember the good times….. and make some new ones with penny……… 😀

  2. There's rarely a day that passes when I don't think of her.  I know it's soppy and all that shit but she was special.  Having said that, I would be gutted if anything happened to Penny!

    • Awwww Sweet!….It's been five years since we had to do the same thing.  I sometimes call the new dog by the old dog's name.  Especially after having a couple. 

      • We do that every day.  It doesn't help that "Sandy" and "Penny" aren't worlds apart as names go.  However Penny was named before she came to us, so we didn't change it.  Personally, I would have called her "Lardarse".  Great fun when calling her when others are around?!

        • I personally like the name "Dipshit"…:)…I think the grandchildren could have fun with that one!

          • My neighbour's dog is called Jaysus. We hear it every day, "Jaysus, get outta me way!"

    • I don't think it is soppy at all GD and I also remember the article about Sandy very well. Our dogs become like family and when they pass on it is heartbreaking. It is nearly two years since I took my old 14 year old white German Shepherd on his last trip and I still miss the old guy.

      I have one German Shepherd left and she is now the ripe old age of fifteen and a half. Her back end is starting to go and she poops in the house without realising it, she will stand up and look at her arse and think where the fuck did that poo come from. I don't know if she will last the year out but then again I was saying the same thing last year too!

  3. It was a lovely post, I have cats but it is true some have been like children, some just pets but there are that rare few who are special friends. I was fortunate to have had two cats that were friends, several who were like children and a few 'moggies'. I loved them all but these two were special and I still miss them.

  4. A fine tribute to a fine friend. Had one myself several years ago and I still think about her.

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