Sunstroke — 13 Comments

  1. Currently 30 degrees here (outside of course not in the office). But that's too hot.

    I love Ireland when it's warm and sunny but that doesn't happen too often unfortunately.

    Enjoy it GD.

    • Bloody hell!  Are you in North Africa still?  We are as hot as the Sahara?  No wonder I'm sweating.

  2. 32C with a humidex feeling like 40 something…highly unusual weather for here, can't say i'm that fond of it but it does keep me in and away from outdoor chores so that's something

    • It is the humidity that is the killer.  We have experienced a lot warmer in France but it was comfortable and dry.  Here it's all sweat and stickiness.

      However, better not complain.  It only happens once in a blue moon.

  3. It's been pissing down here for well over a week. (Climate change). Back to summer today. High 20s you say? I assume Centigrade. You should stick with Fahrenheit sp? Like we do. Being against Europe.

    • Centigrade or Celsius [take your pick].  High twenties Fahrenheit would be a bit on the nippy side and as for Kelvin – forget it!

      Took me long enough to get used to Centigrade.  I think I had better stick with it….

  4. Sweating like a glassblower's arse over here in Englandland. Oh and the Beeb has warned that all the energy efficient measures to keep people's houses warm might kill the occupants. Being a cheerleader for the climate change/worbal glorming industry, just love the irony….

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