The Anglo Tapes — 16 Comments

    • Heh!  The way I see it – the crimes they committed are far worse even than murder.  They destroyed a country's finances and imposed untold misery and poverty on the entire population for generations to come.  Hanging drawing and quartering would still be too good for 'em.

  1. I think if one of these creeps met an untimely end you would be hard pressed to find a jury of your peers who would convict you.

  2. My own view is that I think there should have been more thorough analysis of their books before they were given any money..  Listening to the tapes, a figure of 7 billion was plucked out of thin air, with them knowing a lot more was needed.. why weren't their loan books analysed to match up to this figure?

    I think these people are just amoral.. but there's a like like them. 
    I don't understand why any of the banks were bailed out myself.  The government guarantee of up to 100k for personal accounts was sufficient to safeguard against any bank runs..



  3. They are Traitors and as such should be treated as they would at the foundation of the State….SHOT….

    They along with the Politicians have caused Suicide's, Evictions, Business Closures, Unemployment, Starvation, Taxation and much more.

    Shoot all of the Bastards on Easter Sunday 2016 at The GPO.


  4. What an amoral funnymoney bubble some major decision makers were living in prior to the great meltdown! 

  5. Yeah, I've been reading about this and my sincere sympathies to all of you over there. makes me want to be a fly-on-the-wall during private conversations of our bank executives. Of course, I'd have to be a whole lot of flies-on-the-walls considering the number of banks we have in the US. Still and all, this is just yet another reason to bring back public punishment (like the stocks?) and public execution I think.

    • Slab has summed it up pretty well.  These gougers committed crimes that are in line with High Treason, and joked and laughed as they did it.  Whatever punishment they get should be very slow and very painful.

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