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    • Just head over to  Download and burn the file to disk.  You can either boot into that disk and try it out, or else run "mint4win.exe" on the DVD which will create a wee "virtual PC" in Windows.  Either way, you can play around with it to see what it can do.  If I can work it, anyone can!

  1. Well done, one for the archives. The last guy to ring me up I told him I lived on top of a hill and my broadband wasn't working because it couldn't come up the hill!  He went to check with his supervisor when I hung up!

  2. Incidentally, if anyone wants help with their computer, my new friend's number is 001253820308.  Just mention my name and give him my love.

  3. Well, thank you for yet another ruined keyboard (although I've learned to keep spares around since I've been reading Head Rambles). Spit my tea all over it you know. This one says it's "washable" though so do you think I should unplug it first before dumping it in the bathroom sink?

  4. The management and staff of Head Rambles accept no liability or responsibility for damage, implied or actual.  Responsibility for keyboards and screens lies solely with the fucking readers.

  5. Last time one of these fuckers called chez moi the wife answered… When she was informed that we had a problem with our machine, she asked what could that possibly be as 1) I'm a bona fide computer engineer 2) my son is a networks guru for NBC and 3) my daughter is an applications analyst, so with all bases covered what could possibly be wrong?.. He put the 'phone down very quickly.

    (I don't get this type of call any more, OR double glazing, OR stupid surveys, OR solar panel salesmen since I invested £80 in a Truecall box. None of the fuckers has the stamina to get past the Great Wall of China thrown up by this box when an unrecognized number tries ringing me, the phone doesn't even ring!… Friends/family get straight through by being on the preferred list and it's easy to add/delete numbers, so we've gone from 5 cold calls per day average to ZERO in 3 months!… Highly recommended…)

    • I don't get that many calls.  The only ones I get are either trying to fix my computer or they are some fucking bleeding-heart charity trying to part me from my cash [some hope!].  The charities usually use a "withheld" number so I am prepared for 'em with a little speech about disturbing the sleep of the elderly.  The computer ones are quite happy to display their numbers which is strange, as presumably they are easily traceable?

      I don't see any mention of TrueCall in Ireland so it probably doesn't work here!!

      • I'm not sure about TrueCall, but the CPR Call blocker works in Ireland – at least according to their website it does:

        A lot cheaper than TrueCall and seems to do pretty much the same job.  I haven't bought one yet so can't give an opinion on it, but I'm seriously thinking about getting one. The number of recorded calls I'm getting is becoming more than a little annoying.


        • One problem with those devices is that they block "withheld" numbers.  For various [*cough*] reasons a couple of my friends have their numbers withheld, so presumably they would be blocked?

          • Yes, I was wondering about that.  I assumed that it would use your contacts list to let through those numbers, but I'm not sure.  I will email them and find out.

            • See the comment below for what happens with withheld numbers… It was supposed to be a reply to GD's post above, but I fucked up…

  6. I HATE FUCKING COLD CALLERS… The cunts think that they have the right to disturb you AND tie up the 'phone line that YOU are paying for at any hour of the day or night, despite your number being on the TPS/opt out UK/call prevention/nuisance call registries… What they are doing is effectively illegal but they don't care.

    I installed the Truecall box after a particularly nasty  bastard trying to flog me solar panels, when told by me just before hanging up on him to shove his parasitical subsidised-by-everybody-else solar panels up his arse and fuck off, the cunt had the temerity to call me straight back with a complaint about my language and attitude!… To which he got a lot more abuse, needless to say, before I hung up on him again… He didn't call back that time…

    Sean, I did some research before buying and the Truecall was the only one where there were no adverse comments that I could find (except, of course, whingeing about the price!). Also, it's the only box which has all the bells and whistles built in, like answering machine, call recording facility etc…. This last would be very useful if you suffer from nuisance calls or 'phone stalking in that the evidence can be collected without having to connect your 'phone to a separate recording device.

    The Truecall box should work anywhere that Caller ID can be enabled on the line (so Eire is OK) as it needs this facility to check that the caller is "preferred"… If they're on the list, the box puts them straight through with no intervention (our 'phone list is about 60 numbers of family/friends/doctor etc. and you can upload them to the Truecall website then download to the box by telling it to "'phone home"… Much easier than the alternates like CPR where you would have to input and store every number by typing it on your 'phone keypad). Any number you may have forgotten to list can be added by pressing the star key when that number calls you next (the caller would have to fight their way through to talk to you, but after you've "starred" them, they get through straight away next time).

    The Truecall has a pre-recorded message which tells a "withheld" caller that call screening is in place and asks them to press a specific digit on their keypad (which thus screens out all the computer-generated automatic calls), then requests the caller to state their name. Then and only then does the 'phone ring and the box tells you who is calling and gives you the option of accepting or rejecting the call by pressing either the star or the hash keys. Until you've done that, the caller is in limbo, waiting on you to respond. If you "hash" them, the box plays a message which sweetly but effectively tells them not to call again (It's "fuck off", but politely). The only people we know who call us and have number withheld seem to be quite happy with this arrangement, they also suffer from cold callers and are envious of the fact that we at least have a solution.

    The other thing I like is that all the pre-recorded responses (the default ones are polite but firm) on this box can be re-recorded by you if required… If I had my way, being a cantankerous auld bastard like GD, I would do this today. However, Herself feels that "fuck off, cunt" may be slightly inappropriate under some circumstances, so she won't let me…

    Here endeth the sales pitch for Truecall…


    • (As you may have gathered, I LOVE this box, best £80 I ever invested, no more unwarranted interruptions…

      Oh the peace, the peace!…)

    • In theory it should work here all right.  I think we have a different plug/socket size but that's easily overcome.

      Anyhow I have changed tactics – I changed the ringtone to the sound of a cat meowing, so I welcome calls now.  They drive the dog mad.  😈

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