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  1. I am the least prejudiced person you'll meet.  I don't care what color you are nor what religion you believe but and there's always a but, I have a bad attitude towards fatso's and particularly loud mouthed fatso's. 

    • My pet hate is people who think they can talk down to me and who seem to think that they are superior in some way.  That cunt seemed to think that just because she wanted to sit in the sunshine that the outdoors should be smoke free too.

  2. Ha – I hate really fat people. Especially if one sits beside me on a plane spilling over into my space. They should be put in the hold!

    • Actually, fat people don't bother me particularly [unless, as you say, they spill into my space].  The reason I mentioned their obesity was that they were hardly in a position to whinge about "unhealthy lifestyles".  People in glasshouses and all that shit….

  3. brilliant! to bad about the missed opportunity but what the hell, still a nice day all round.

  4. Something like that happened to me too, I was sitting on the grass minding my own business when this fat woman came up and said your smoking will kill you! not as fast as your fat will I retorted without even thinking. You have never seen anyone waddle away so fast, I think it will be a while before she opens her mouth, we smokers tend to stick up for ourselves, we have had to. Happened at Newmarket races once too, in the open air when they asked us to move away from them. If we had been asked politely we probably would have moved along a bit. All the hand waving and rudeness is not needed so I told them where to go and they moved sharply. How dare they! I dislike fat sweaty people but wouldn't dream of insulting them for no reason. I think they are all very frustrated ex smokers who really, really want to smoke and it drives them mad that we don't bother.

  5. I had what seemed like a reasonable,respectanle man tell me that he had nothing against smoking as such, but what he really hated was sitting outside for a coffee when smokers were present ……. IN THE FUCKING SUMMER TIME. I asked him if he went out in the rain with his coffee ever, and when he was considering this, I told him to fuck off !

  6. Don't the bastards just piss you off. I didn't know there was a coffee bar in your village. What's the matter was the pub closed?

  7. Grandad, you fool. Your smoking is putting them off eating.

    You should be charging them money. Lots of money. And stick your name in for a HSE grant while you're at it.

  8. As far as I am concerned, the anti-smokers were adamant about banning me outdoors, so I now consider that my space.  If they want to eat, drink or do whatever takes their fancy then they have all indoors.  If they want to sit in the sun then they should have thought of that before.  They are quick enough to throw me out for smoking so I'm quick enough in telling them exactly where to go.

    They cannot have it both ways.

  9. Second-hand obesity!  Lol to fuck – simply brilliant.  I hope I can take your implied consent to use that phrase myself where appropriate.  Cheers.

    • Feel free!  Actually it's not an original concept.  I seem to remember some "study" in the past that "discovered" that people who socialised with the obese tended to be overweight themselves.  Another typically stupid study….

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