A cure for a bad back — 13 Comments

  1. Hie ye to such a place without delay then, son.

    Better yet, or so I am told, make it a place with a touch of gloom in the corners, and where one might possibly puff in peace as well.

    Does wonders…

    • I think I may know of just such a spot.  By sheer coincidence it's a corner of the pub in the village.  The things I suffer for the sake of my health……..

  2. So I guess you have a sore back most days then based on the "required" cure!!??


    Those bales of briquettes are heavy yokes – it's trying to lift them with that evil green binding they use to hold the bale together that's no fun either.

    • I swear they sharpen the edges of those straps – they'd take the fingers off you.  I saw an invention once that was a wee handle that slipped under the strap.  I must try making a couple for myself.

      • I remember seeing that as well – I think it was one of those "inventions" they used to do on the Late Late show. Never saw it in the shops though.

  3. geez i thought that was a secret cure only i knew about…best get at 'er gd, and i'll lift a few on this end with empathy

    • Actually it's quite a good cure for a lot of ailments.  Tests show that it is also quite good at prevention.  I have been practicing the exercise for many years now and have never ever come down with a dose of Scurvy, Ebola or The Black Death so there must be something in the theory?

  4. I once lived with someone who suffered with an intermittent bad back. When she got it, I got it, and it was crippling. I was a walking No. 7, and I even lost a job over absenteeism. It's tricky getting to the doctor's when you can't get out of bed.

    I don't live with her now and my back is fine.

    It's my wrist I'm having trouble with.

  5. I agree that the plastic binding around the briquette bales is a divil on the skin of the fingers. Suggest the wearing of surgical or kitchen rubber gloves as precaution. But I don't know what causes the back problem. You observe the old drill of keeping the back straight when lifting, don't you? I never found a single bale heavy. And I love the peaty smell the burning stuff gives to my fireplace.

    • Those damned things would shred a glove to ribbons.  I just lift the bails like they were boxes – a hand under either end.

      As for keeping my back straight, I am a walking example of how to lift things – knees bent, back straight, no sudden jerks, etc etc.  Doesn't stop the back from going though. 

  6. Oh, I sympathize, empathize and any other 'thize you can think of. I'm cursed with a service-related back injury that does all you describe and is just as unpredictable. When it really goes out I can't even move my arms so hoisting and emptying that cylindrical device you speak of isn't even possible. When this happens, my lovely wife hauls me over to her store, sets me in one of the hammock chairs she sells and uses me as a display unit. At least I feel usefull?

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