Shutting the G8 — 13 Comments

  1. I don't suppose G8 is in any way related to R2-D2? In any case; these are the cunts droids you're looking for 😀

  2. "Sweet suffering Jayzus on a tractor!"  made me LOL on an otherwise miserable day. Ta GD.

  3. Michelle O'Bama a looker, GD?  Jesus, if that's the case I'm like a supermodel or something..   a looker?  Whatever floats your boat I guess.  🙂

    Am thinking the same myself.. So f'in what?    Her every move tracked.. Who gives a sh*t?
    You know what we're like in this country? A bunch of backward hillbillies who can't contain themselves if anyone of importance comes to town.  I remember Clinton drove through Limerick once, and we all dropped everything to go and wave at him as he drove past.  I remember thinking, jesus he must think we're an awful bunch of backward' plebs.  He didn't even roll down the window like..

    • Some say she's a looker.  Not really my type, I admit.  One way or another I'm sick of the sight of her.

      The whole thing seems to be down to that pathetic Irish thing of treating "celebrities" like some kind of god.

  4. The Michelle Obama visit put me in mind of some pics of when Obama met the PM of Thailand, Yingluck Shinawatra (who actually is a bit of a looker):

    Hadn't realised you were back already GD, my, don't time fly when you're having fun! Looks like a great place from the pic you posted. Not sure if I'll get a holiday this year (although I live in a place that people flock to in the holiday season, so I suppose you could say I'm on a permanent holiday, except I have to work…), but I might get over to Thailand to see the in-laws late December – early Jan. The SOH has been champing at the bit to go back to see her folks, but has been constrained by the fact that her renewal resident permit has taken since Oct 2010 to arrive (the Greeks are good at this bureaucracy stuff), and without it she couldn't leave Greece. So she'll be off for a few months in Nov, and with luck I'll find a spare month to join her. I could do with a break. A bit of the tropics in mid-winter is good for the soul.

    • Aha! Now I wouldn't kick that outa bed for eating biscuits!

      Isn't it a bit early to be thinking of mid-winter breaks?  You're welcome to stay here if you like?  We have a bit of grass that could accommodate a tent, and my rates are very reasonable.

    • Uh-Oh….looks like Michelle's got her number!

      Bet the POTUS got a piece of her mind when she got him home.

  5. Ah, now if you had a tent that could accommodate a bit of grass, I might be tempted…:)

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