The Bully State marches on and on — 10 Comments

  1. This is the danger of taking away legislative 'power' from the dimwit politicians, they have to fill their time somehow to justify their jobs!

  2. They should get on with running the country and doing something about the HSE, unemployment and all the other problems Ireland has instead of introducing useless legislation.

    But wait, of course it's Ireland and we're talking about Irish politicians.

    As you were!!

  3. Taxes and denormalisation have had the predictable effects. Cheap tobacco available on street corners.

    Whereas the sheer cost coupled to awkward questions about proof of age would have been (and was for a brief, halcyon period) enough to stop the young from purchasing legitimate tobacco products the smugglers and counterfeiters do not care who they sell to as long as the buyer has the cash. All the anti tobacco movement has achieved is to send the innocent and unwitting into the hands of criminals. They are criminals because they do not, by definition, obey the law. The sillier the law the more criminals there are to profit from it.

    Well done anti tobacco. Kids who would have never been able to get cigarettes from legitimate sources are queuing up to buy them from the street corner spivs. In the near future so called "plain" packaging will make it even easier for the smugglers and counterfieters. Not that it matters as a good percentage of "fly" cigarettes are already sold in clear plastic bags.

    • I just did a long interview with the Irish Indo [not that they'll publish it] and I pointed out that the 18 year law has been around for yonks and if that hadn't deterred kids from starting, stupid photographs certainly won't.  The smugglers and counterfeiters are going to have a field day with this one.

  4. The health service here is in a shambles and that fucking idiot Reilly can only worry about fag packets!  It really is no wonder that this Godforsaken country is in such a mess.

  5. I roll my own cigarettes and I buy my tobacco one pound at a time and the bag it comes in has a warning on the bottom of it that reads, "This product contains/produces chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer"

    I'm so glad I don't live in California or Ireland for that fact

  6. If the law will say that cigarettes must be sold in plain packets, couldn't enterprising shops offer free brightly designed empty packets that buyers could easily slip over the plain jobs after the purchase? Indeed, a durable recyclable slipover packet might be sold in curio and other shops. The Minister for Enterprise should see the job creation possibilities and make startup grants available to manufacturers.

    • Even better – I think all the packs have to be a uniform size, so one little case would fit all.  They could be printed with huge messages ["Tobacco Control damages your health"?] or whatever design you fancy.

      A place started up in Australia selling stick-on covers for cigarette packs.  The Health Freaks tried to shut it down, but what the bloke was doing isn't illegal.  😉

      • Lateral thinking makes for imaginative enterprise. FAS would never get around to it.

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