Fanning my box — 12 Comments

    • Ho kay…  Thanks for that.  I did have my wee suspicions.  Nice little filter applied to my mail account [bounces the mail but not before attaching a virus].  😈

  1. You need a holiday. Somewhere remote, away from it all that doesn't have the interweb…

  2. You're not going to believe this, but a stunning Princess from an African Country called 'Bulungi' wants MY help with some financial matters. God knows how she got my e-mail address but the poor girl has millions and the evil Irish banks won't let her open an account here. Can you believe that?


    Naturally that brought out the gentleman in me and she promises to be most generous in return for my help. So I whacked off a cheque for her to bribe her local officials but I'll get it back a hundred times over when she transfers her funds into my account.


    It's kind of nostalgic too and brought me back to my schooldays when we always used to bring in a penny for "The black babies" I guess those babies are all grown up now!

    • Crikey, John, that's a coincidence! I just had the same experience, but she's been trying to open a Greek bank account – they must be sisters. It's a good job there are a few of us selfless chaps around, always ready to help a damsel in distress.

      • That's nothing.  I have just received notice of two separate complaints against me from the Merkan IRS.

        I also have several letters and emails from the Irish Revenue demanding that I transfer all my accounts into theirs.

        • FFS, GD, The Irish Revenue have had a drip shoved in to my arm for years.  I plan, one day shoving the thing up my arse so they'll only get sh1t

  3. Why would they need your credit card info to pay money into your pay-pal account? Sounds iffy to me. Just had a look at the link, and it doesn't tell you anything (I didn't watch the embedded video). Is there any explanation inside the site about what they actually do? And how all this money is generated?

    Like Mr Gammagoblin, I detect Mr Ponzi's finger in this pie…

    • It was the need for the credit card that rang all my alarm bells.  Plus I am always suspicious of anything that tells me I have money owed to me when I haven't done anything [unless a rich old uncle dies, of course]

      I haven't heard from them since.  Of course that may be because I have diverted all their mails into a bottomless pit.

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