Smoke is healthy — 10 Comments

  1. i love can anyone not love trains…can't imagine enclosed steam engines till i watched that clip *cough*cough* very health indeed

    • I must admit I was gobsmacked at the thought of underground steam locomotives.  How times change!

  2. I got a row for getting off the train in Inverness station and walking along with my ciggy smoking.

    I laughed to think of the smoking trains which had been in that station.

    My Grandfather was a steam train driver [took me to Edinburgh when I was 7. Me shoveling coal]

    • Welcome, Dave!  Damnit!  You must have been the envy of every kid in the area?  I never rode the footplate and it's unlikely I ever will.  Maybe in my next life?

    • It's the smoke from burning all that coal to heat the water to make the steam…….lovely smell of sulphur and all those soot particles.   When I was young my mother wouldn't let me sit facing the engine in case I got covered in them.  God that makes me sound old!

      • Those were the days when you could reserve a seat "back to the engine" or "facing the engine".  My face was always black after a long trip from hanging out the window!

    • Now you are trying to quibble.  You know damn well that steam locomotives produce vast quantities of coal smoke as well as steam.

  3. hi grandad  ny grandmother lived in the first house on church st.north wall lever brothers factory was about 300 yards away and i loved the smell of sunlight soap etc. blowing over the house.i used to inhale it thought it was good for me .did not kill me i am 75 see you at christmas .please hurry back to your computer

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