Holidays are here again — 28 Comments

    • Thanks, Brianf.  Hope you can manage with the Daily Rambles?  It'll be difficult, I know but……

  1. Bon voyage old chap…

    Chance to find your inner self, or summat…….


    • Not gone yet.  I'll be around for another few days.

      As for finding my inner self, I'll more than likely just trip over cousins and the ilk.  Cork is the Ancestral County, as it were.

  2. (sigh) The ocean. That's one thing I miss greatly is the ocean. Vermont is a fine, quiet, beautiful place to live in but it needs a coastline.

    Enjoy your holiday, Grandad, and if you choose to stay down there, find a place with Internet hookup at least. I'd miss you.

    • Why not kill two birds with one bullet?  I'll buy a place by the sea and I'll sell you a wee corner to build on?  A lot less snow down there?

  3. "In fact I have harboured dreams of living there.  It’s quieter than here, and the climate is a little milder".
    It's Limerick isn't it?!   They'll love you down here. 

    Have a great time.
    Sad that there'll be no rambles though.. Visiting here has become part of my daily reading.

    What about one of those internet dongle thingys GD?  I used to use one and it worked as good as the broadband in the house.  Works off the mobile network and Vodafone have signal everywhere really.  Was 25 euro a month, unlimited data.   Stick it into one of the USB slots at the side of your laptop and you have the mountains and the sea and can upload the pics here for us too! 

    • Limerick?  Fuck, no.  West Cork with a grand safety net of 90 miles of countryside between us and Limerick City.

      I very much doubt there is any mobile phone network where I'm going.  Leastwise, I hope not.  You'll have to wait 'til I get back for the pictures.  Assuming I ever bother returning, of course.

    • What the fuck are you doing mucking up my gaff with all this Farcebook shit?

      • I wondered if it was you appearing? Anyways, have a great vacation old man.You've earned it.

    • I shudder to think what kind of material I would find in a Tramore caravan site!  Am I missing out on something major in life?

  4. Ballydehob or Valentia Island? Or maybe a week of meditation on dry bread and water on the Skelligs. Bring an inflatable bed as the stone beehive huts tend to be a bit lumpy.

    We fans of the website could start up a national Find Grandad treasure hunt. Any grandad paddling in sea water wearing only crimson longjohns is putting himself in danger of being accosted by excited hunters. The real grandad will wear designer sunglasses and polkadotted boxers, accompanied by burly lady minders with judo skills.

    • Ballydehob is nearer the mark, but you'd have one hell of a job finding me.  Where I'm heading makes the middle of the Sahara as crowded as Times Square.

      Burly lady?  You've met her then?  Never heard her called that before.  Must remember that!

      • Remember Hatti Jacques of Carry on Nurse fame? Just the kind of minder for you in your Rayban sunglasses GD.

  5. See how our worlds end,  not with a bang……..

    Good luck and enjoy.  The Cork area has great sea fishing.  Any chance you could bring some fresh Bass back?

    • So my going for a break is just a whimper is it?  Huh!

      Never liked Bass.  Prefer Guinness.

      • Whimper, whimsical, wilful, wily, winsome, wistful, and witty.  Did I miss any?

        As a fully fledged epicure, you should know Guinness does not go with fish – or anything else for that matter.

  6. Ha! the West Cork interweb is alive and kicking… one farmer talks to another, who tells the postman, who then passes it on to herself in the post office, who then tells the bar owners wife who tells the bar owner hisself, who then tells his regulars, who then tell the farmer who started it all in the first place, but by which time the story has been so embellished he thinks it's 'news' and the merry-go-round starts all over again!

    Enjoy the trip GD 🙂


    • I'll start a few juicy stories then in the coffee shop in Ballydehob and see how far they travel?

  7. Whether its Schull or the Sheepshead GD may you have a very great holiday.

  8. Holiday? Holiday! Good for you, Grandad! Hope you're taking the Mrs. as she deserves a holiday as much as anyone. But you're going south… I don't know where you live, I'd go north myself, somewhere remote without a lot of people and all that hustle and bustle and noise. Anyway, have a nice time, get some rest, relax and come back refreshed and ready to take on the world!

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