What a load of rubbish — 5 Comments

  1. The way I read it in the IT this morning it only applies in Dublin and not the whole country?

    But, you are of course correct about stupid laws and how they cannot be enforced.


    I hope you've fixed the weather by now as I'll be in Wickla tomorrow for a couple of weeks.

    Must find some rubbish to dump while I'm there.

    • It may be just Dublin at the moment, but you know what they're like in the councils – their crazy ideas have a habit of becoming infectious.

  2. There's a stupid rule against burning lopped hedging matter and other dried vegetable matter in a backyard bonfire in late autumn. What are people supposed to do with all that? I have no nasty neighbours I'd like to dump it on bei Nacht und Nebel.

    • Yup.  I ha a grand bonfire of wood cuttings yesterday – that's illegal, but I can get a grant to install a wood-burner in the house!  Tell me the logic there?

      Incidentally, I have very nice neighbours.  It's just that the boundary fence is very convenient.

  3. Since they're now charging you lot property taxes and all you could just pack up all garbage and send it off to your tax man at tax time?

    There should be some sort of clever pun involved here but for the life of me, I can't think of one.

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