Walking home — 16 Comments

  1. A wise choice methinks.

    I'll remember that on Thursday night when I'm winding my way home from the Grove Bar.

    By the by, try to get the weather to improve before I arrive home for a well earned bit of R & R.


    • I'll arrange the weather for you, no problem.  It'll cost you a pint or two though.

  2. frig nuts from the description you've given of the lane you really under played the state of the walkways haven't you? i've solved it all but just drinking in…bed is closer that way anyhoo

    • Up 'til now if I had mentioned the state of the roads, no one would have believed me, but now you have the film to prove it.

      I don't drink in bed – it makes the ceiling swim.

  3. The issue is obviously going home. Quit closing the pubs, let everyone stay there drinking for as long as they want. 

    • I'd be wary of driving too.  The cars in the video seem to be approaching the speed of light?

  4. The footpath starts cracking up while your man is on the way to the pub? 
    I bet he had drink taken at home too before he headed out 
    I think that's the message.. drink makes thing all wobbly?  literally.. haha

    "going out.. don't plan on arriving back in that state to the misses".

    • My theory is that the drunken staggering is counteracted by the uneven pavement so the drunker the better [and safer].

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