Dear Rick — 6 Comments

  1. If Rick is real and he really lives in China I hope he doesn't meet me. I might speak less politely to him than Grandad's letter. Get out of town quick Rick you thick kiddo, before I contact the local branch of the thought police.

    • The twat doesn't even remain consistent [apart from mountains of spam].  He apparently trades as "Ricantucsa Imaging Professionals" or as "Toeaasam Imaging Professionals" and uses a whole load of different email addresses.  If you can find him, please feel free to apply extreme force.  The whole world will be in your debt.

  2. Anybody who calls them-self "Rick" is, in my long experience, a Prick, first class.

    • Especially if they are Chinese.  Probably a Wun Hung Lo trying to sound Western.

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