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    • That's the trouble with modern televisions – it's too damned easy to record things!  They should have kept that system where you had to key in a special number that was listed with the programme.  I never met anyone who could fathom that one!

  1. We're all getting old GD. 
    The good thing about getting older is, that you can learn to love your inner beauty, whilst your outer flower blooms.. baaah.  Fuck that. Hate getting auld.

    Actually you know what I hate about people who are older than me?  Thinking they know better.
    I mean you could be a cronic pot-smoking, has- been, droopy balled asshole, but you happen to be born a few years before the person in your company and all of a sudden you're a fucking sage of wisdom.  
    I don't think so.

    • We think we know better because in general we do know better.  We have been there, done that, seen the reruns and worn out the t-shirt.

      • Yes,  In general.  There's always exceptions though.
        Actually no, wait, there's a lot of idiots about .. at any age.

        Personally I don't give a fuck how many times a person has been around the block. Because you're older than me, does not mean you know better.  And I won't be condescended to.
        I've seen 10 year olds with more awareness, kindness.. cop-on, than so called adults.
        So no, in general, I'd say you can learn from anyone at any age.

  2. Good ones!

    Myself, I'll start writing something, usually devilishly clever, and then -well before I'm halfway done – I'll…oh, crap!

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