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  1. Its just fucking amazing how the Chruch stands up to The Gubmint in the protection of the unborn.

    Yet there have been years of sexual and physical abuse from their quarter, hiding the offenders and covering it all up.

    How the fuck is that right?

    Suffer little Children!

  2. How does one go about excommunicated if you wanted to be?   That'd be pretty cool.
    Instead of confirmation or communion parties, you could have an excommunication party.

    These arrogant fuckers annoy me. Total hypocrites. Wasn't Sean Brady the same fucker that silenced abused kids?  And he didn't bother reporting Brendan Smyth when he was aware of his abuse.

    I can't understand why they are given any airtime whatsoever. I think they're probably representative of a dying breed of religious zealots.  Probably those in the 50+ age bracket, who are regular church goers.

    • I have no idea.  I have been trying for years.  I have tried just about everything up to and including tearing up a photograph of Sinéad O'Connor, but they won't listen.

      I hope you're not including me in that 50+ lot?!

      • excommunication = breaking off communication with. Breakdowns in communication occur, 1. when spouses stop talking to each other; 2. when they cut off your comments on a phone-in program like Talk to Joe; 3. when bishops speak Latin and the public talks back in Anglo-Saxon.  etc.

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