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  1. These are offshore – at least they are so far off our UK shore they have climbed up yours!

    Seriously though I wish you luck in fighting against these intrusive, expensive and inefficient abominations.You can be sure they are not being put there for your benefit (nor, speaking as a UK consumer, are they for ours)

    • Offshore = Not on UK soil.

      Sadly bitter experience tells me that gubmint bullying combined with the promise of jobs will do the trick.

  2. All you need to do is discover that it is nesting/migratory/breeding area for some endangered bird/bat/insect and file a motion with courts. That will tie it up for years. By then some one should have been able to gather/fabricate data showing the turbulence contributes to global warming. 

  3. you rarely see these going around even when the conditions are good! white elephant in the room saving the planet!!

    • What is stranger still is when you have a large cluster and only a few of 'em are turning?  Surely if the wind is right for the few, the rest should be fired up?

      • If you catch site of this situation what you are witness to is the turbines drawing power from the grid to prevent their internal gubbins from seizing up or worse going out of aligmment.

  4. What other economic uses can be made of all that dreary flat bogland in Offaly and adjoining counties? EU environmentalists have induced Irish Governments to preserve parcels of unexploited bogland for ecological reasons. Apart from organizing special interest tours for lepidopterists (butterfly hunters to you) to designated bog parks, I can't think of much activity to benefit locals. Windmills are known to kill migrating wild birds, so I suppose they're going to maim and blow the beloved butterflies off course. They'll be known as butterfly blow-outs. My heart bleeds for all things bright and beautiful, all God's creatures big and small.  Full words of the slurpy hymn here   Onward Christian soldiers and save Offaly's endangered butterflies against the demon wind generators!

    • That's a bit harsh on the Midlands, is it not?  I know it's a flat and dreary place but some people call it home.  Of course, being flat and dreary means the monstrosities will be visible from half of Ireland.

      • Biffo comes from the drive-through village of Clara in the Offaly flatlands.

  5. I came to the conclusion some years back that the majority of my own people deserve to be slaves- or are just a herd of slaves in search of a master. Theyt'll make slaves of themselves for someone sooner or later. Still. It means I don't have to care about them when the next Famine comes along. Sorry for anyone offended by that but I should explain that if you are bright enough to resent that then by definition I don't mean you. I used to want to put Irish politicians in camps but to be honest I'm beginning to wonder whether  I shouldn't make a bid for a regional Governor over the Irish for someone. I could enjoy myself and teach them a few things about servitude some of them seem to have forgotten. QRT and standing by.

    • "beginning to wonder whether  I shouldn't make a bid for a regional Governor over the Irish"

      Feck off!  I got there first.

  6. Well the ones offshore of Arklow look hideous.

    And the few  I've seen in the UK and elsewhere really spoil the landscape.

    I'm sure only a very few cute hoors will benefit from these monstrosities but the Green Party (are they still around?) will be having orgasms of joy!!


    • Have you been around West Cork lately?  Probably the most scenic corner of the land and every fucking hilltop seems to have a plantation.  Hideous fucking things.  And that goes for the Green Party too.

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