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  1. Yet again, well said Grandad. Like you I hate the moralising fuckers who desire to impose their uptight values on everyone, and are nowhere to be found when the miserable fallout from their bullying comes home to roost.


    The pro-lifers wouldn't touch a child born out of holy wedlock when they grow older and may even be able to quote statistics showing that such children turn to a life of crime, and prison is too good for them.


    Like you, I have my own opinion on abortion and it runs along the same lines as yours as well.

    • Both abortion and assisted suicide are intensely personal matters, and I doubt anyone would approach either lightly [especially the latter].  It is up to the people directly involved to make the choice and no one else.  They are the people who have to live with the consequences.  The law takes a blunderbuss approach which cannot take into account individual circumstances.

      I dream of the day sometime in the far distant future when people will be treated like adults and responsible for their own decisions, with no need for interfering, Nanny laws to "protect" them.

      Having said all that, I do think there is one argument for abortion – our politicians.  Is it too late to abort them?

  2. Once again we witness the nanny state interfering with people's personal decisions. I am fucking pig sick of all of these nannying bastards tbh.

    Here in the UK we had the High Court in London rule on whether a mother had the right to rule on whether she wanted her son to have chemotherapy, guess which way that one went.

    Now in Scotland the ban on displaying tobacco products has come into force and you cannot even seen what baccy they have on display let alone the prices! If you ask a staff member what is their cheapest baccy they are not allowed to tell you, they have to refer you to a price list. Now my vision is perfect, however trying to read the miniscule text on the price last was a non starter. All the nanny state are doing is causing inconvenience to ordinary shoppers wanting to buy a perfectly legal product. Oh and the Scottish nanny state government introduced another tax on large retailers who wish to sell tobacco products, to the tune of around £200k a year, as such Sainsburys have stopped selling all tobacco products completely.

    I know that this is not as serious as the abortion issue, however it is along exactly the same lines, Nanny knows best and Nanny will tell you what you can and cannot do.

    Nanny is a scab on the skin of society and I wish Nanny would just fuck right off!

    • It all boils down to the same thing though – once the Nannies discovered the power of law they use it as a weapon to further their personal ideologies.  The law is no longer there to protect the people; it's there to control them.

  3. I'm not going to tell youse about my opinion on abortion or assisted suicide or euthanasia for grannies and grandads, or head transplants for idiots who wannabe geniuses. I'm not even going to tell yuz whether or not I think it's anybody else's business – the doctors, the judges, the patients, the revenue commissioners, the relatives or anybody. I'm just not going to tell. Fullstop/Punktum.

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