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    • I had to dump her for the sake of my sanity.  Her conversation was too fucking depressing.

  1. That is too cute GD.

    I have been considering getting a dog.. I think this post has me convinced.

    They seem like such innocent, sentient little bundles of love.. I'm not sure I'd feel that way, if the fecker was pissin' n' shittin' everywhere though.

    • Get a rescue dog.  They need a roof over their heads, and are more likely to be reasonably house trained.

      • Oh yeah, definitely.  Wouldn't get one anywhere else GD.  I think it'd heart wrenching going to the pound though.

        Will mull it over for another while..but am thinking I will soon.
        I know they have their own personalities.. would hope to get an affectionate, playful one though, who'll get me back to a good place.  Who'll help dispel the anger, the bitterness, the cynicism and get me back to the innocent goodness that was beaten out of me a long time ago..  or if that doesn't work out I could use it to kick up the arse when I'm having a bad day.


  2. You're a Funny Guy Grandad and you have a gigantic……………………Heart!..haha…Nice!

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