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  1. Is there something you are not telling us about this site, hidden pages, back end porn portal? Hmmmmm, I'll be watching you!

    • Actually I'm surprised one of my biggest hitters isn't on the list – "senior citizen porn".

      I don't know why the site is so popular with the kinky lot.  Apparently I am a top ranker for "disgusting sex", or at least I appear to be – put it into Google and I am at number 1.

  2. "Disgusting Sex" – finds your post of 26/03/13 entitled 'Filthy Disgusting Sex'.

    "Fellatio Festival" – finds your post of 26/07/12 entitled 'The Great Fellatio Festival'

    And don't forget the first word of this site's name – Head.

    You bring it on yourself GD. *sigh*


    • Do you hear me complaining?  Heh!

      And I keep getting emails from people offering to improve my Google rankings!  😀

    • For some reason I seem to get a lot of queries about Guinness –

      "how to get rid of bubbles in Guinness "

      "how many Guinness to get drunk"

      "does guineas and black get you drunk faster"

      and one of my favorites –

      "Guinness shits"


  3. "Fluffy Grandad" might become another way to reach your site after the post that follows this one. It beats all that misguided sex shit that seems to perfume the minds of so many millions of hyper-testeroned male internet surfers.

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