Bad banks — 7 Comments

  1. You must reopen the accounts immediately!! How else can the Nigerian prince who was serving in Iraq send you the millions of dollars he found in a safe at an abandon bank in Afghanistan so you can collect your fee for assisting him in transferring the money to a tax free offshore bank.  

    • I always feel a sense of unease about those Nigerian offers.  Personally I only trust mails from my banks [even the ones I don't have accounts with].

  2. I think, as Jim says, you should unlock the accounts immediately as I'm sure some poor widow in Lagos who needs to get her hands on her husbands zillions via your bank accounts will be eternally grateful.

  3. I also have been having trouble with my bank accounts. There's not enough in 'em.

    And I agree…Option 2.

  4. I confess I have been using Option 2 for some time now.  I try to keep the information looking as genuine as possible but have a fine collection of really obscene passwords.  I sit back then and happily think of those twats frantically typing obscenities trying to get into nonexistent bank accounts.

  5. Don't forget to send as many cc copies of the email as possible as well to keep him busy, Dr. Hugh G. Rection was in action at that very task this week.

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