Life is bad for you — 17 Comments

  1. it would be a dull tasteless place indeed of the friggin' nanny police with their studies got control of everything woulnd't it! I do what pleases me and hurt only myself and I am happy

    • I really am getting sick and tired of all these fucking "studies" which are basically no more than a questionnaire.  If they really want to improve my health they will all climb up their own backsides and disappear.

    • Determined to cheer me up?  The entire world seems to be conspiring to make my retirement a complete and utter misery.

      • No just a warning to all really. We all assume that the cash or credits we place into a bank account are ours whereas the reality is they belong to the bank once deposited to do with as they see fit.

        My 20 year old has just emptied and closed one bank account and when his Baby Bond mature next month he is cashing it into his remaining bank account and then emptying it and closing that one down to. He's even talking of turning it into silver coins just to be on the safe side.

        For myself I have but one savings account (almost empty) and one credit card (which I use as plastic cash)  but friends cannot get their heads round the fact that cash in the bank belongs to the bank. May their god help them.

  2. Rarely drink sodas but when I did I went for a Diet Pepsi. Sugar bad, right? Now they say aspartame in diet drinks is a huge health risk. WTF ?

    • Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is bad for you.  Water and tofu is the diet of the future.  And even the water is full of hormones, chemicals and other shit.

  3. Like yourself I never imbibe of fizzy drinks BUT also like yourself, if I wanted to I don't like being told they are bad for me.

    The world has truly gone mad.

  4. Everyone who ever got sick and died was breathing. If everyone would just stop breathing, there would be no more  heath issues. 

    Giving up smoking, drinking, eating, and sex may not make you live longer, but it sure will seem that way. 

  5. Totally and utterly agree, one study after a fucking another tells us what we should and should not do, I too have held my own study….. live … love and laugh and whilst laughing give a finger to these self fulfilled publicists who want their 15 minutes at the expense of others.  Why are they so insecure that they feel the need to justify their own salaries with this tripe…. oh by the way… video games cause riots!!!  WTF!  UTTER NONSENSE.  Love your blog and thanks for regularly helping me with the laugh aspect of life.

    • You also have to blame the meeja who give these twats an outlet for their petty peeves, and who never seem to question any of the claims, no matter how ludicrous.

  6. Life. The number one cause of death. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "Get a life" now doesn't it?

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