Taking stock — 13 Comments

  1. One of the comments on that article states:   "There is a march on 13 April at 12.30 in Dublin to Dublin castle."   Be very interesting to see how many sheeple turn up to protest. Not many I bet.

    • There is another comment there too –

      "This property tax is long overdue and much needed to fund vital public services. It is also good news that water charges will be introduced in 2014. This will bring Ireland in line with other EU countries in terms of property taxes and water charges."

      There speaks a sheep who is the perfect example of how easy it is to brainwash the people.  The twat is happy that we are being loaded with extra taxes!  God give me strength!

      "Fair play to the EU" he says.

      What hope have we against these mindless idiots?

      • There you go.

        I bet he's a banker/doctor/dentist/well paid cunt.

        And he probably votes Fianna Fail at every opportunity.

        • It actually frightens me how easily people can be sucked in. 

          Unless of course he is an EU troll, which is a distinct possibility?

  2. "Let slip the Dogs of War!"

    Maybe we could get one of those North Korean Missiles and threaten Europe.

  3. How about a comprehensive register of updated politicians' values ? especially Eurocrat ones.

    • Now that would be a document worth creating.  Register their incomes, perks, backhanders and conflicts of interest? 

    • Welcome Stephen!  How long is it since they were properly and legally audited?  Were they ever audited?  Sooner or later the great edifice will come crashing down, and the worry is just who are they going to take down with them?

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