Google Anonymity — 15 Comments

    • Be fair – only his leg.  Postmen can manage quite well on only one leg now they have vans to drive.  It was different when they relied on bicycles.

  1. Don't you have dog wardens to round up strays and fine the owners? Had Google left it unblurred these people could have recognised it and been round to the owner.

    • Maybe the dog is a criminal.  I have noticed in the past that film of people being brought in and out of court have fuzzy faces, so maybe it's a genetic thing?

  2. If that dog was faithful to his car driving owner he's have lifted his leg and covered the number plate with stinky poo before the Google skywatcher got there.

  3. I also notice that part of the sidewalk and road are also blurred out. But not the bottom of the dog, the rest of the sidewalk or the bush behind it on the other side. I think Google's "auto-fuzzer" needs calibrating.

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