Expanding horizons — 11 Comments

  1. I watched Django Unchained at the weekend. Excellent movie. Should scare the shit out of them!

    • When it comes to requests for babysitting my health is never questioned.  I have to just sit and bear it.

  2. Massage Girls of Bangkok 2  ?     The relief of Bergen-Belsen ?    The Idiots Guide to Grandpatricide ? Just trying to help.

  3. The Three Stooges meet Frankenstein. Subtle humour and groovy horror should stimulate the kids' emotional development. 

  4. The grandchilder finally returned to their parents last night [under heavy sedation].

    It's time they learned that the world isn't all talking animals and fairy princesses.


  5. Don't forget "1984". No, wait. The grandkids will probably be asking for a wall sized TV if they watch that. How about Pulp Fiction then? Or perhaps "Natural Born Killers"?

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