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  1. I hope you feel better soon, Grandad……which is what everyone seems to say. But it's better than saying just pull up your big girl panties and deal with it. Feed a cold, starve a fever or is it the other way around? Never mind, just pour another whiskey.   ;^)

    • Thanks, Susan.  If it's any consolation, I hate sympathy and if Herself fusses over me she knows she is going to get a flea in the ear.  I just thought I had better explain any sudden absences or unforeseen peculiarities, or even the odd drop of tardiness.

      • It's none of my business, but I'd let Herself fuss over you….you never know what "benefit" might come of it. Now don't you go being "absent" either, although absence does make the heart grow fonder, or so I've heard. If the whiskey's not working for you, you might try chicken soup.

        • Benefits or not, I still don't like a fuss.  Chicken soup is OK, though I would prefer mushroom.  Or French onion soup?

    • Ah!  That's what that bright thing is in the sky.  I did wonder.  Still fucking cold though.  Does the sky take a while to warm up?

  2. Feel better GD.
    I just had a thought.. (these things happen on occasion)..
    When you're feeling a bit under the weather, or can't be arsed or whatever, maybe you could have a guest contribute a post?     I'm not suggesting me or anything, well maybe I could pen something together if I had to, but maybe one of your more refined, articulate visitors could do a guest spot for you. Submit to you by email and if you like it, you throw it up.   

    If it's a cold you're fighting off,  echinacea might help.

    • I tried the Guest Post thing a wee while back.  Didn't really work out though I can't fathom why.

      Do I have any articulate readers?

    • Consider it well walloped.  And another bottle lined up for tomorrow.  Beats me why people bother with doctors at all.

  3. Forget the hooch GD! There's nothing like getting a 12 gauge a pile of cartridges and imagining the whole gubmint in front of you, ducking and weaving running for cover, and blasting at the buggers at the local gun club range.


  4. Recipe for a glass of consoling and maybe therapeutic Hot Whiskey:-

    Ingredients:- Brown sugar/cane sugar; 4-5 cloves; big slice of lemon (orange can substitute); massive double measure of Jameson.

    Method:- pour freshly boiled water into glass with teqaspoon; drain water after half a minute; now put all ingredients into glass, especially massive whiskey measure, then pour boiled water (equal to but not exceeding amt of whiskey) slowly into glass. Sniff like a conoisseur and start sipping. After ten minutes repeat exercise. Do not eat Tayto crisps, as salt ‘n vinegar flavour distorts the Jameson peaty taste.

    Variations on above recipe can be made using VSOP brandy and unrated poteen.

    • Good God, no!  With all due respect, I hate hot whiskey or any hot alcohol.  I don't even like it in cooking [except maybe Beef and Guinness Pie, or a good wallop of whiskey in a Christmas Cake].  Even the smell of a hot whiskey churns the stomach.  I don't know why.

      • OK I'll compromise in an effort to relieve your distress. Use all the above ingredients except the boiled water. Pour in cold spring water instead, stir contents, sniff like a conoisseur and imbibe slowly. Repeat after ten minutes. Jamesons has a great peaty taste, n'est pas? Cheer up Grandad, we all have our dog days, er sorry, down days.

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