Filthy disgusting sex — 10 Comments

  1. Jesus, with a face like that I'm sure she could only ever dream of a twosome never mind a threesome.

    Or maybe she just relies on a onesy!!

    • That's what struck me – what's a woman her age doing wandering around a teenage site looking for information on sex?  If I did that, I would be classed a pervert!!

      Maybe she fancies her chances with Reilly?

  2. Wasn't she the same one who was on about fornication there not so long ago?

    Yep –

    The biggest cause of unwanted pregnancy is fornication according to Michelle.
    Turns out she's 'living in sin' herself with some fella from Kenya, who has a child from a previous relationship.

    It'll probably turn out she's well known on the local swinger scene after this debacle..

  3. Seems like our Ms Mulherin is a nice little throwback to the '50s.  Sex is a filthy disgusting sin except on Easter Sunday after Mass, and even then the bed must be liberally sprinkled with holy water.  Mind you – she's right about fornication being the cause of pregnancy.  The last time I looked, it was the only cause?

  4. Hmmm….

    Had no problems finding the article on threesomes.

    Had a much harder time reading the entire peice…and it was only a couple hundred words long.

    Pretty sure Mulherin's complaint – like mine own – was the lack of specificity, right? The ol' who's on first, what's on second details that makes any good threesome something more than just slippery mechanics.

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