Filthy disgusting sex — 10 Comments

  1. Jesus, with a face like that I'm sure she could only ever dream of a twosome never mind a threesome.

    Or maybe she just relies on a onesy!!

    • That's what struck me – what's a woman her age doing wandering around a teenage site looking for information on sex?  If I did that, I would be classed a pervert!!

      Maybe she fancies her chances with Reilly?

  2. There's that word again. Penis. Seems it's the new mot du jour even with GD. No getting away from it. As the actress……

  3. Wasn't she the same one who was on about fornication there not so long ago?

    Yep –

    The biggest cause of unwanted pregnancy is fornication according to Michelle.
    Turns out she's 'living in sin' herself with some fella from Kenya, who has a child from a previous relationship.

    It'll probably turn out she's well known on the local swinger scene after this debacle..

  4. Seems like our Ms Mulherin is a nice little throwback to the '50s.  Sex is a filthy disgusting sin except on Easter Sunday after Mass, and even then the bed must be liberally sprinkled with holy water.  Mind you – she's right about fornication being the cause of pregnancy.  The last time I looked, it was the only cause?

  5. Hmmm….

    Had no problems finding the article on threesomes.

    Had a much harder time reading the entire peice…and it was only a couple hundred words long.

    Pretty sure Mulherin's complaint – like mine own – was the lack of specificity, right? The ol' who's on first, what's on second details that makes any good threesome something more than just slippery mechanics.

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