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  1. Well I received a letter with last quarters leccy and gas bills which stated that 11% of the bill was ' a government social surcharge'. So I writes to the billing company and ask then when did I agree to pay a surcharge on their products.
    They replied telling me to look at various Acts of Parliament on their website. They couldn't prove I had agreed to pay, how could they, so I then deducted the 11% from their KWH prices and arrived at the new amount and sent that in as payment.
    The cheeky bastards also tried to charge VAT on the surcharge! There's nowt like a bit of double dipping.
    I'm now trying to get them to tell me how much of their wholesale prices (which they all use as the basis of their charging structure) is also a social surcharge. If I ever get that figure and I am not holding my breath then that to will be ducted before payment is made.

    Hit them in the pocket. It's the only thing the lunatics in government fear.

    • What people don't realise is that those taxes affect everyone.  It's not just the direct "carbon" taxes, but they pay indirectly as the tax applies to fuels so that pushes up transport costs which in turn pushes up prices.  Every one of us is being ripped off to feed this fucking religion.

  2. The weather in Tunisia has been changing from winter to summer and back again and then back again for the last 6 – 7 weeks.

    I have had my heating on and off more times than a prostitutes knickers!!

    • A headline in today's Irish Times –

      "Ireland basks in sunshine and 20 degree heat"

      But they have the grace to add a small line underneath – "….This time last year, in any case"

  3. The only thing worth scamming is you based on your gullibility if you believe that global warming is a scam.

    1) You clearly don't understand the difference between weather and climate.

    2) Global warming doesn't necessarily mean warmer weather, everywhere at all times. It means that average temperature of the planet is rising. This means more evaporation of water over the Atlantic and wetter weather for Ireland.

    3) Faster, warmer air can push the jet stream more south. As this is a line that divides cold arctic air from the warmer air south of us, it can mean colder weather and longer winter seasons.

    4) Fuck it.

    • However Fuck It, it's also true to say that the Poles themselves are shifting and magnetic North ain't where it used to be. As Grandad says, the climate has always been changing and it is not that long ago that we went through the mini-ice age. I have no problem then in believing that the climate is a-changing, but it is the accusation that man is responsible for it that is bullshit. The greatest cause of carbon gases is ocean evaporation. And incidently, when did the Ozone Layer get fixed ???

      • The N pole is constantly moving. However, it has little or no impact on weather and climate. The issue isn't whether the climate is changing or not, its how quickly it is happening. The last ice-age that presumably you refer to as 'not long ago' happened 10,000 years ago. Since when is 10,000 years not a long fucking time?

        We have been causing incredible damage since the industrial revolution and accelerated since the 1920s with the development of CFC type compounds and plastics, and nearly every single piece of evidence points to us, as knocking the natural cycle out of balance which means direct results of human activity causing: desert size increase, rainfall increases, hurricane frequency increases, sea level rises and flooding of huge areas of Bangladesh, Holland, South. Pacific Islands,  Florida in the US etc… etc…

        The last two lines of your comment make no sense at all.

        • 10,000 years ago is an incredibly short time if we are talking geological time but by measured by human lifetimes it is an incredibly long time but so what.

          Climate change has likely been going on since the the first human walked the earth (I wasn't there so can't say for certain) It like the universe that spawned it, the same one we are part of, is in state of constant flux The earth wobbles on its axis, the poles change place over geological time but when the change occurs it is very fast. These things are proven beyond all reasonable doubt.
          Once upon a long ago Doggerland was above sea level and now it's at the bottom of the North Sea. This dramatic rise in sea level had sweet fanny adams to do with man and yet it happened (again I wasn't there). Who knows the Emerald Isle may well have been much bigger than it is today in fact it must have been if sea levels were lower.

          The point is no-one, not even Fuck It, can prove that any of the things he mentions happens solely because of human evolution or is even made worse by human evolution but Fuck It shouldn't worry, on current evidence humanity is regressing as the 'leaders' of every western nation are taken off their medication and attempt to remove cheap electricity from the masses via the CO2 hoax and subsidizing the construction of the ineffectual bird mincers whilst rifling through the pockets of people who are taxed tp pay the subsidies and then double dipping by charging the smae people a surcharge on their fuel bills, the utter bastards.

          I'd have no issue with the green lunatics sourcing all their own electricity from bird mincers as long as that is their only source of electricity. Clearly once the wind dropped or became to much for the turbines, or the numbers of green lunatics increased beyond the capacity of the turbines to supply leccy then there would be power cuts but hard cheese chaps. It's a sacrifice you are willing to make. I just wish they would shut the fuck up and left the rest of us to enjoy our bright, warm, comfortable journey into hell.

          • ''…no-one, not even Fuck It, can prove that any of the things he mentions happens solely because of human evolution or is even made worse by human evolution''

            Bill, there are tens of thousands of scientific articles in peer reviewed journals that show human ACTIONS are directly responsible for climate change. To not be aware of any of these and make this argument is lazy. The fact that you think 'evolution' can affect climate shows you have have no idea what you're talking about.

            • It is a theory that human actions can cause climate change.  There is no proof because the science does not exist yet that can produce the proof.  The best they can do is create mathematical models which involve so many variables as to be useless [unless of course they are set to produce the desired outcome!]. 

              Science is not a democracy.  Proof is not decided by the number of adherents [Flat Earth?  Earth the centre of the Universe?].  Every scientist in the world can declare something to be true but that in itself does not make it true.  Another frequently overlooked fact is that science can never be settled, despite all the screams we hear from the Church of Climate Change.  The whole beauty of science is that no sooner does someone come up with a "proof" than nature prove the proof to be incorrect.

              • Yeah? Gravity is technically 'only a theory' but I don't see daft fuckers like yourself jumping off tall buildings because you don't believe in it.

                Theories have evidence in their favour, in the case of gravity, evolution and climate change there is lorry loads. If there was evidence against, it would be disproven (there isn't, theres fuckloads in its favour). If there was no evidence it would be a hypothesis.

                You're absolutely right, science is not a democracy. I'll go further than that. Its free of politics, so absolutely anyone who finds evidence against climate change can present it for examination and if it is found not to be flawed then the theory is disproven. Same goes for the theory of evolution or gravity, so go jump off that building…

                Earth being the centre of the universe was a religious belief and never, NEVER thought of as a scientific claim.

                ''The church says the earth is flat, but I know that it is round, for I have seen the shadow on the moon, and I have more faith in a shadow than in the church'' – Ferdinand Magellan

                • As you seem to be keen on flogging a dead horse here's some weekend education.

                  Most Powerful Symbol. Professor Michael Mann’s “Hockey Stick Graph” was featured prominently in the 2001 IPCC Third Assessment Report. It alleged that global temperatures were flat for a thousand years before 1900, but then radically increased because of AGW. The chart looks like a hockey stick, a long straight line that bends sharply upward at the end. With recent IPCC admissions that temperatures have not increased for at least the past 16 years, the curve has now plunged downward to become as flat as the rest of the hockey stick, which is where public trust in climate science is headed.

                  The Game. “The game is communicating climate change; the rules will help us win it,” says an astounding, horrifying UK government-funded booklet leaked by Mr. FOIA titled “The Rules of the Game: Evidence base for the Climate Change Communications Strategy.” Written by the UK public relations firm Futerra for six UK agencies – including The Carbon Trust – for use by ethics and public relations tone-deaf scientists,

                  “The Rules” teaches sophisticated behavior change tactics, including: “Climate change must be ‘front of mind’ before persuasion works” … “Link climate change mitigation to positive desires/aspirations” … “Beware the impacts of cognitive dissonance” and “Use emotions and visuals” (e.g., scare people with the Hockey Stick Graph). It treats the public like gullible idiots who can be frightened and manipulated by seemingly trustworthy scientists to believe in AGW.

                      For a long time, it worked.

                  Wake up Fuck It! You and millions like you have been played accept it and don't let it happen again.

            • Are you really that stupid or are you just a wind up merchant?

              I said that there was no proof that HUMAN EVOLUTION caused or made anything you mentioned worse. Either you accept humans evolved and are evolving today or you believe that some sky fairy made some back in the day and plonked them on this planet as complete humans just for the hell of it. Your choice, me old mucker, your choice.

              • Bill, so the choice is evolution is real or God put us here. I'm sorry, I thought we were talking about CLIMATE CHANGE. Evolution has nothing to do with it, except for the fact that humans are now capable/dumb enough to actually destroy  the world we live on. (e.g. nuclear war came close) Just because we evolved to the point where we're capable of this doesn't make it the natural of things, in fact why not take the phrases 'man-made' and 'natural' out of the equation and replace with the world preferable.

                Unless you're a fatalist and think just because we're here and sentient means any old shite we do that poisons the fucking place is the natural order of things.

                Your choice, me ould flowerpot, your choice.

                • You brought it up!
                  You think man affects climate on this planet and man will kill therefore the planet.
                  I think climate change has bugger all to do with man or what man does.
                  You want all of mankind to regress so the planet can be saved from man.
                  I want man to go continue on his forward path.
                  You want everyone to comply with your view of this.
                  I defend, to the point of death, your right to have your own opinion, mouth off about it and try and convince other people you are right… and will now stop trying to change your mind.

                • Bill: Nope, you did. I quoted YOU the first time I mentioned it.

                  Get some rest mate…

        • Geological evidence of the last major pole shift suggests that when magnetic North lay nearer the equator, the polar regions of today featured lush green growth. Ireland was once joined to the UK by a land bridge and indeed England was also similarily joined to the Continent. As to the Ice Age, no less than NASA defines the term as a cold period between AD 1550  and AD 1850  and notes three particularly cold intervals: one beginning about 1650, another about 1770, and the last in 1850, each separated by intervals of slight warming. So, it ended a mere 160 years ago !!!

          The reference to the Ozone Layer was sarcasm. That scam was just another money spinner based on selling fear to the dumb masses. The Sun and Moon play significant roles in Climate Change, but the scammers cannot source grant aid of funding from either source, hence they blame mankind.

    • 1) Of course I understand the difference between climate and weather.  I'm not thick.

      2) Global Warming means average global temperatures – I am well aware of that [*sigh*].  The point is that average global temperatures are NOT rising, certainly not at the rates predicted in early days of the scam.  This is my whole point – the scammers realised that temperatures weren't rising to switched boats midstream to call it "climate change"  – something that is so blindingly obvious as to be laughable.

      3) The Jet Stream constantly changes latitude and Ireland bears the brunt.  I know all about the Jet Stream.  The current weather is caused by a large static anticyclone that is pulling cold Polar air down across the continent and East onto Ireland.  Not relevant to the debate, as that is weather, not climate.

      4) Agreed.

  4. And over here their closing down coal fired  and nuclear reactors left right and center, this in a week we were told we only had 36hrs of gas left, ffs.

    We're not in the Euro but we are still ruled by those bastards nice people in Brussels, and our bloody stupid government, who think they know what is best for us.  Well to those bastards nice people in Brussels and our bloody government, when I'm sitting here with my grandchildren shivering at my knees, I'll be sharpening up the kitchen knives and getting the razor wire ready, bastards.

  5. And to add insult to injury the carbon tax is being added to all solid fuels here come May 1st, with then is doubling in May 2014

  6. While shoveling Global Warming off our paths for the last four fucking years, I look up onto the moors and see those fuck off big wind farms with the blades stood still. At best, 30% efficient, reality, about 18%. To make these economical, fucking great subsidies need to be paid by us idiots. Ironically, here in Lancashire, we are sat on hundreds of years worth of shale gas that the wind farm worshipping, nuclear banning, lentil eating, sandal wearing, tree hugging idealistic twats are objecting to. 21st century? Dont make me laugh, these bastards want us to live in caves and eat mud, note 'us', not 'them'.

    • Harry I too share a similar view to you with the massive Walney windfarms (there are three given different names but they are all in the same bit of sea between Walney and the Isle of Man) which stand stock still if its cold and stock still if the wind gets too much for the poor things.

      But I have a question. How many lentil munchers do you know?
      I've sat down with my good lady and tried to figure out how many we know and amongst our circel of friends and contacts there is one, just one, possibly. She is one of these people who likes to be told what to do and does nothing to 'rock the boat' so where the hell are these lentil munchers?

      I reckon they don't exist in any great numbers. I think they are invented by the governments spin machine, much like 'the terrorist threat' for a nefarious purpose.

      • Bill

        There are a couple at work, delusional fuckwits who warn of catastrophic consequences if you as much as strike a match. Then they climb into their fuck off big cars and drive home… I actually pity the sad bastards. Socially, I dont know any, but then, I wouldn't mix with them anyway.

        • Cheers Harry
          So between the pair of is we know three people who swallow the hoax. I should clarify the one possible ;lentil muncher' works with my wife. We don't socialise with any either although I am getting to know Fuck It rather well!

  7. The oddest thing about all this panic about the "rising average temperature of the planet" and "increased CO2 levels" is that the scientists who actually think about these things (rather than think about how much money they can make out of it) are of the opinion that a couple of degrees rise in temp would enable far more food production, would lower power (for heating) consumption, and that the additional CO2 would be of great benefit to plants, and by extension, humans everywhere. Personally, I'd love to see the temp rise a bit. I bloody hate winter.

    • That one always puzzled me.  How can Carbon Dioxide be The Deadly Enemy when it is vital for vegetation and hence for us?  Surely if there was excessive CO2 we would be up to our neck in undergrowth?  😉

  8. Shouldn't the ESB and the Government publish regular reports on how they spend those carbon surcharges on our bills to further research into alternative sustainable sources of energy?

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